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"A Grim Day for Big Pharma"

The HUFFINGTON POST has written a long comment about my book, The Whistleblower, and a few other issues, called A Grim Day for Big Pharma.

Or, maybe I should say, one of their bloggers just did.

As for me, I'm grateful.

And, perhaps it is time to contact the people over there and kiss and make up. I just don't like to have ongoing animosities when they're not needed. I wish Pfizer thought the same way.

Pfizer is taking the opposite approach. When I arrived at the New York Public Radio today, to participate in the Leonard Lopate show (which you can listen to here), Pfizer had, of course, tried to discredit my message and my book, by sending a letter to them. In a way I don't mind, because the fact that they keep hunting me, sending letters to places I'll be interviewed, validates my message and provides for a great discussion. It's soooo hard for corporate people to do nothing, even when that is the best strategy.

But meanwhile, you should DEFINITELY go over to Huffington Post and post a comment.

Here is the post: A Grim Day for Big Pharma.


Blogger beeta said...

You are such a sweetheart!
You want everyone to go back to THP and make amends!
We all have been going there from time to time, but the problem was not just how you were treated, it was bigger than that.
I am not sure if you were aware that this guy, Drobny, who supposedly started AIR AMERICA, wrote a bunch of articles last month or so about how he was hearing a lot of complaints about the comment posting policy and he was even irritated by it himself. He said that he thought it was way too arbitarary and with no real logic. Many people who were not aware of the situation with you, also have been posting comments regarding the issue.
My point is that the problem existed and still exists, regardless of your treatment and the fact that your clash brought the problem to the surface for a lot of us. THP is still a worthwhile site, but its integrity and Arianna's underlying motives are questionable.
Anyway, I have read some articles by the guy that wrote about your book. He actually is pretty smart.
I am glad you are getting good publicity. You deserve it.
Take ggod care!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. Rost,

Great summary/review of your book on The Huffington Post. I'm a newbie to your BLOG but found you via THP some months ago. I'm unaware of the root of the animosity although I realize you've covered it here.

If and when possible, would you please post the letters from Pfizer to the media trying to neutralize your point of view? I would understand, however, if given the ongoing litigation, you were unable to do so. Such letters will demonstrate the terror Pfizer is facing in the context of other Pharma and Fortune 500 scandals.

Are more companies committing crimes or are more honest people finding out and refusing to watch in silence?

Between now and the November elections, things are going to get real interesting. Perfect book launch timing given that drug re-importation and access to drugs are every politician's dream issue.

Blogger Peter Rost said...

To your last comment: Both, I think. As for posting things . . . mmm, sometimes I can and sometimes not . . I try to give you as much as I can and still make the blog fun to read!

Blogger Moogirl said...

I agree with Beeta 100% about THP. I still peruse their headlines from time to time but rarely will I read the comments and I never try to post one. It’s all just too silly over there and the trolls run rampant.

But it’s very big of you to kiss and make up. This speaks volumes for your character Doc!

Blogger Peter Rost said...

Thanks. Some people are beating me up because I did. Oh well. You gotta do what you gotta do. Have to surprise you sometimes.


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