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Pfizer Employee Review of "The Whistleblower"

We have the second review on Amazon of "The Whistleblower," by a Pfizer employee. Go here if you like the review and click "yes."

A Thrilling Read, September 25, 2006
Reviewer: Left Out (San Francisco, CA USA) - See all my reviews

Pfizer: Hypocrisy is Our Life's Work

As a Pfizer employee, I am extremely upset by the facts laid out in Dr. Rost's book 'The Whistleblower: Confessions of a Healthcare Hitman.' I had previously `drank the Pfizer blue kool-aid.' An example: Pfizer has a number of 'values' and 'leader behaviors' printed on expensive, colorful posters and on cardboard mobiles which hang throughout the hallways of it's skyscrapers and campus buildings. To think these values and leader behaviors are just for the little people--the rank and file worker--and that top Pfizer executives and management who strive to be promoted to the executive ranks are above ethical behavior will forever change how I view Pfizer. Pfizer's corporate tag line is "Life is our life's work." After reading Dr. Rost's book, they ought to scratch out the word `life' and add the word `hypocrisy' in there somewhere. If Dr. Rost's thrilling new book is true, I'm thoroughly disgusted by Pfizer's behavior towards honest employees.


Anonymous Julia Schopick said...

Mr. Rost:

I want you to know that I went on as you asked, and cast my vote for three positive reviews of your book.

I also want you to know that I commented, as well, on the one negative Amazon review, by a Brian ONeill, who posted a review of your book ("Don't Take Him Seriously.")on September 14, 2006. (It made me very angry!)

Here's how I answered Mr. ONeill. (You can also find my comment on

"I was very disappointed to read that Brian O'Neill believes that because "it turns out that no court would hear his case" therefore, "it's just another instance of self promotion in the news." These two thoughts, which I have put inside quotation marks, simply do not follow. Our courts refuse to hear many cases of true malfeasance, and Mr. Rost certainly experienced this phenomenon first hand!"

I thought you'd enjoy reading my comment. I plan to write soon about your book (which I am in the process of reading now) on my site.

Many thanks for writing your very important book. I hope many, many people will read it!

Julia Schopick

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Was Louis B. Bernstein involved with your case at Pfizer? I ask because he is listed as running a company that wrote a piece on.

Blogger Peter Rost said...

Thanks Julia!

And the case moves forward, so there will be much more to report. It is neve over until it is really over!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Go Peter!
Blow that whistle,
Stir the people,
Rock the boardroom,
Get the truth out!

(chanted while making clappy sounds to cheerleady moves)

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I currently work for Pfizer and have experienced harassment and retaliation from a supervisor. My job was threatened by HR rep who defended and covered for the supervisor.During later discussions rep denied threatening my job. Good thing I tape recorded all the meetings or I would have been fired by now.HR had the nerve to tell me that Pfizer had a policy against tape recording conversations. I laughed and told HR rep, Pfizer has policies against harassment and retaliation also but don't follow them, so they could keep blowing that smoke up someone elses ass. I can't believe how far these people will go to make you out to be the bad guy it is just mindblowing. "Leader behaviors" and "Pfizer values" more blue smoke for us that know better to choke on.


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