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Peter Rost, M.D., is a former Pfizer Marketing Vice President providing services as a medical device and drug expert witness and pharmaceutical marketing expert. Judge Sanders: "The court agrees with defendants' view that Dr. Rost is a very adept and seasoned expert witness." He is also the author of Emergency Surgery, The Whistleblower and Killer Drug. You can reach him on rostpeter (insert symbol) Please read the terms of use agreement and privacy policy for this blog carefully.


Here are the most recent reviews for The Whistleblower, as often is the case, the blogs are first to cover the news. I also ran into a small snag with some newspaper reporters. Since I have quoted them in the book, they can't write about it, and they had to turn the book over to various editors and book review departments. Anyway, here's the start:

“A drug company executive is about to blow the lid off the pharmaceutical industry . . . revealing everything from sex in the corner office to private investigators spying on employees, company phone surveillance, FBI investigations and financial shenanigans resulting in million-dollar payouts.” —NEW YORK POST

"In this Enron-esque exposé of the healthcare industry, an anonymous . . . executive reveals everything you should already be assuming about most multinational corporations. You know, greed, spying, million-dollar payouts, and sex in the corner office. " —THE L MAGAZINE

"The Whistleblower is "a scathing account of the allegedly 'insidious' practices of the industry that once paid his salary and of the US healthcare system. The media is sure to lap it up." —MEDICAL MARKETING & MEDIA

"Dr Rost has written his side of the fascinating story of his recent working life in a most readable fashion. It is a book that totally grabs your attention and holds it right through to the last page. Insider could not put this book down until he had finished it. —PHARMAGOSSIP

"I admire Peter for his courage in taking this path and being very creative in his joust with Pfizer! Peter won't be a one-trick pony! Once his war with Pfizer is over, who knows what he can do?" —PHARMA MARKETING

A "tell-all tome hits stores. Pfizer's 2003 revenues were reduced by $500 million after a 'Ponzi scheme' in which one of the drug marketer's acquisitions . . . recorded inflated sales of Genotropin." —BRANDWEEK

"Pharmacia artificially inflated revenue before it was acquired by Pfizer Inc by offering incentives to wholesalers to buy more drugs than necessary, a new book by an ex-Pfizer employee alleges. Pharmacia may have boosted revenue by $500 million by selling excess inventory to wholesalers before it was bought for $60 billion in 2003 by Pfizer, the world's biggest drugmaker . . . In 2005, Bristol-Myers Squibb & Co. was levied $300 million in fines by the U.S. government and forced to restate earnings for similar wholesaler activities. Since then, the practice has changed, prompting revenue losses for many companies, including Merck & Co. and AstraZeneca PLC." —BLOOMBERG NEWS

"PR Nightmare: The Renegade with a Nuke. Let me preface this some. Before the headline disappoints, it’s not to be read literally . . . This is about someone who knows too much; has the skills to communicate; has the savvy as to how to best approach a market; and most of all has the technology to tell the world." —THE STRUMPETTE

"I think it’s a very, very interesting tell-all and much more interesting than a fictionalized version would have been. It’s 200 pages and I devoured it in 2 hours . . . I genuinely found this a terrific page turner . . . it’s a great read straight from the horse’s mouth of a guy fighting a massive corporation with the weapons he has at his disposal. And very entertaining too." —THE HEALTHCARE BLOG

"It's quite a good read." —THE HUFFINGTON POST


Anonymous Shade said...

I'm a little confused by the second review. You're not anonymous and, from what I can tell, most certainly not a woman - unless you've had some of that marvelous Swedish surgery I've heard of. ;) Did L Magazine read the wrong book? Or confuse you with one of the lovely ladies you like to picture on your blog? Or was the praise meant for another book?

Whatever. Congratulations! The world needs more people like you!

Blogger Peter Rost said...

You're right, the first two reviews were published before it was known who the author was, and what gender . . . the book was listed as written by "anonymous" until a few weeks ago.


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