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Lonelygirl15 is no more but Lolita is forever . . .

Alright, dear readers, please don't choke on the evening sandwich.

About two weeks ago I wrote a story simply titled Lonelygirl15 and posted one of her videos from UTube.

And I asked the questions: Is she real or not? Is the whole thing mostly shot in a studio?

Well, that didn't help me because some of my favorite readers, those who really care about me, got very concerned that I would even consider posting such a thing like a young girl talking about her private life on my blog. Others surely wondered what my motives were.

I thought the debate was so interesting that I arranged for a few ads for the book Lolita on my blog. That made people who actually know me in real life point out that this "could be taken the wrong way."

And of course, this entire blog is about being taken the wrong way. That is the reason Pfizer's lawyers can't stop coming back. They're hooked. Mesmerized. There is no stopping. It's just too much fun.

But now Lonelygirl15 has finally made it to prime space and on to the front cover of the New York Times business section, and perhaps it will be considered completely kosher even for this irreverent blog to mention her again without being suspected of Lolita-like fantasies.

And the truth is out. It was all a game. Lonelygirl15 was not lonely and she wasn't 15 or 16. She is a twenty year something actress who captivated hundreds of thousands of lonely Americans.

You HAVE to read the story, here in the New York Times. Don't shake your heads; it is simply a sign of our times. People will read about this in history class fifty years from now. And that is what makes this so fascinating.

As for Lolita, that concept clearly still causes the same commotion it did fifty years ago. So since people got concerned and I am ever curious, I ordered the book. After all, if a book can stir up the same emotions fifty years later, it must be worth reading. I'll report back on that one!


Blogger Argon said...

But where was that kind of investigative journalism when we really needed it during the run up to the Iraq War?

They can uncover the truth about a gal who posts video's for entertainment but can tell that the Bush Administration was lying to them causing thousands of deaths?

The worst thing about the lonelygirl scandal is it smears everyone on YouTube so that even without a shred of evidence people are calling others fakes also

Blogger Moogirl said...

I believe I said I was going to point and laugh when she turned out to be a 30-year-old pro. I missed it by 10 years, so I’ll just laugh, I won’t point...much...

Anonymous shade said...

Definitely read Lolita! Although not my favorite, an excellent introduction to Nabokov. And when you're done try "the Master and Margarita" by Bulgakov. Can't beat the Russians for a deep, dark sense of humor.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I much prefer OK Go. Dudes, who take their syncronized act seriously fun, and silly.

Blogger Peter Rost said...

Oh boy, had no idea Lolita is soooo deep. Page 45 now. I guess that's called real literature, even though the topic is forbidden.


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