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OK, I've made up my mind. I probably really should help Pfizer send their "Peter Rost letters" to the radio stations I'm going to. After all, that's only fair. Not that I think they consider what is fair, but I think it is fair to have their letters coming in ahead of me so we can start off every show in the right mood; talking about the issues.

So, here we go:

Friday, September 15, I'll record for "The People's Pharmacy." They have a show and you can find their schedule here. Last time I went on their radio show I got more hits to my web site then when the New York Times wrote an article about this blog. Go figure. But this one will take a little while to air and will only be recorded today. You can also go to their web site and listen to shows in their archive. I'll let you and Pfizer know when you can listen. Meanwhile I'm sure Pfizer can find a fax number to use.

Saturday, September 16, Well Preserved with Eunice Khoury. I'll be on from 8:00-9:00 AM EST. You can listen live online here. Just so all the spy people can set up their equipment.

Sunday, September 17 I will be live with Bob Brinker on Moneytalk. Moneytalk is heard on New York's number one talk station, WABC (770AM), from from 6:15pm-6:50pm EST and the show is broadcast around the country, see here.

And with that I think I have prepared the lawyers, the PR people, the detectives, the investigators, and all the other people a $50 billion corporation can afford to hire to monitor one little fired employee. Sorry that I make you work the weekend, guys!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, Peter, great new bakery store! Unfortunately I live far from New York. But, I used to bake all my own bread, until recently. Too small a kitchen now. I could read the whole thing in Dutch too, my native language, although the owner is from Belgium, just south of The Netherlands.

I miss the European pastries, "gebakjes", fresh from the store, or the birthday cake, delivered in a large wooden box. I guess, you can still get that, somewhere, in the U.S., but it is not the same as in Europe.

Maybe I should move to New York.


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