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The Ultimate Terrorist Weapon: Air

Yesterday, officials evacuated a West Virginia airport terminal when a security dog reacted to a bottle in a passenger's carry-on luggage, an airport official said.

A screener stopped a woman with two plastic containers in her bag as she prepared to board a flight to Charlotte, N.C., said Tri-State Airport authority President Jim Booton.

We still don't know what dangerous liquid she was carrying. Hair spray, perhaps?

But, this blog, first with everything, has found a new, potent and invisible weapon, so strong it can bring down an airline.


And I'm not talking baloons, but I am talking about the same principle

I'll explain.

A Chatham County man was killed Thursday when a truck tire he was changing exploded, authorities said.

The man was changing a tire on an 18-wheeler truck outside his house with Lacy Gibson. Gibson told investigators with the Chatham County Sheriff's Office that he was getting something out of the truck cab when he heard an explosion.

When he looked up, Fitzwater was on the ground with a head wound, and the remains of the exploded tire were on the pavement next to him, Gibson told investigators.

So here's the deal.

Soon you won't be able to board an aircraft with big tires, or baloons.

After all, you could blow up the plane. Just wait.


Blogger Argon said...

Actually it wasn't air that caused the head wound it was shrapnel, and not air but pressure that caused the tire to explode.

That happened to me once when I was in the Air Force, I was walking by a jet in a hanger and about 10 seconds after I pased the landing gear the tire blew up and it shot the rim of the wheel about 25 yards and it put a hole in the wall of the hanger.

If I had been walking even a fraction slower I would've been in the path of that rim and been in serious trouble.

So it's not air we need to keep away from the terrorist, it's pumps or anything capable of breaking the windows of pressurized planes.

An Angel's Destiny

Argon's Awareness

Blogger Moogirl said...

Well if I can’t fly with balloons anymore then they can just forget it! I mean, exactly how am I expected to entertain myself then? I am happy to check my big tires with my luggage, but I gots to have my balloons on board! Where will this madness end?

Anonymous Rosethejet said...

I remember a 60 Minutes segment (speaking of) dealing with tires that blow up.

Especially large truck tires. It was really gruesome what these wheels could do to people. I guess the easiest thing would to deflate a tire before trying to do anywork on it. Some of the explosions were huge and the guy who you mentioned who died could have had his head actually taken off.

BUT I do get the gist of what you are saying. There is no doubt in my mind that almost all this so called air port security is nothing more than show for the rubes.

Blogger Jamo said...

Peter, a reader of my blog pointed out that Pop Rocks can be mixed with Coca-Cola to bring down a jet as well!



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