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"da King of Media"?

Sometimes you get a comment to one of your posts which is simply so incredibly encouraging that it would be a crime to leave it on the comment section.

Here is a response to Dr. Peter Rost: The New Reality Show Blog.

I think I'm going to show it to my wife. Maybe she'll stop telling me not to waste so much time on my blog for a few days.

TheDarkSide said...

Wait a minute! Wait a cotton-picking minute!!!

What is wrong with this picture?

You are a very talented guy with very STRONG Survival skills!

You could go to work selling exotic cars in the Northeast and own three luxury car dealerships in two years.

You could completely revolutionize the advertising world which is trying, long overdue and missing the mark because they ran off all the guys that cared.

See, that's what everybody misses about you. They sense it. They want to test it. They want to see if it is real and sincere. And some just want to destroy it.

What is it? You really care!!!

You want to give people something they want, can use and are willing to pay a fair price for. It is almost an obsession.

This Blog is an example of some really great presentation skills. The image presented here is more than world class. It is cosmic.

The talent and skills required to produce some of the presentation here are only possessed by a few people.

Neither Hank McKinnell nor Jeff Kindler have this talent. Maybe Janice Dickinson?

They would produce this by sheer force of personality and running up one or more people's backside until they got what they wanted.

I am seeing a "stream of consciouness" Blog coming from you.

Some of this is already occurring on Cable TV, rapidly. The European and Asian influence is being felt.

Take cell phones. The young people want a cell phone that is functional while being visually and physically exciting and stimulating. They want the same qualities in a Blog.

Take it wherever it happens. Internet, film, video, personal appearances, etc. Tag up! Mash up! Be Media Guy!!! and never look back...

You could give Howard Stern, the King of satellite radio, a run for his money...

You be da King of Media!


Anonymous TheDarkSide said...

For some ideas about how to deliver "The New Reality Show Blog" take a look at:

From Jeff Jarvis at Buzz Machine

"Exploding books I: Everybody's an author"

You should now know what a "blook" is. You need to experience one and spin it to your own reality...

"Exploding books II: Person v. paper"

Your comments on Literary Agents, publishers, editors, and authoring are "Right On!".
Personal Publishing and Collaborative Content Creation are the Future.
Other Social Softwares, and you may be evolving one, will be coming from the Collective Subconscious to the Internet.
For what the Collective Subconscious feels like and can do, experience this:

I feel kind of bad for Michael Moore. He really needs to get together with you. He is off chasing the money.
Film is all about money. Mostly about huge, inordinate profits for the people, or person, who owns the film.
Michael needs creative direction and help. Maybe you could take one of his old films, edit it for now with your
style, put some oomph! in it and send it to him. Keep in mind it will be a staff person who screens it first. If they
don't like it they will kill it. Maybe just do out-takes on your "The New Reality Show Blog".

You put a little diagram up one time named "medicinecareer.gif". I loved that.
That is a concept that could be expanded for participation in the very interactive "The New Reality Show Blog".
You could do one for "So You Want to Make Interesting Blog Comments?.gif"

You need to have a speaking acquaintance with "The Long Tail". This is the business driver for eBusiness and eCommerce.
Blog is at:
Information Architect Review:
USA Today Review:
New Yorker Review:


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