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Me, the Guppy.

OK, I admit it. I'm weak. I like comments that like me more than comments that don't. But I keep 'em all because that's what makes this blog interesting.

And somtimes when I get especially likeable comments I throw them into a post like this one. Then I can go back and read the comment I like that likes me over and over again.

When you are a guppy you need that, to get you through the day. It's called encouragement.

Here's one comment posted in reply to Michael Moore Cancelled Again.

I'm going read it over and over today. Just to make me feel good.

Moogirl said...

Could you BE any handsomer? Ok, so I know handsomer isn’t a word, but you were looking awfully spiffy on 60 Minutes!

I actually saw the original airing of this particular 60 Minutes but had no idea that was you. After watching it again, I have a whole new respect for you. You truly are going up against a monolith aren’t you? Do you ever feel like a guppy in an ocean full of barracudas?

You are a maverick, Doc. There are far too few mavericks in the world today. Please don’t go into politics. Politicking seems to suck the life out of mavericks. In fact, I think of you more as an anti-politician, the kind of man who makes politicians nervous.

I hope you don’t give up on Michael Moore. I think the two of you could do some serious damage in a two hour documentary!


Peter Rost said...

Thank you.

And yep. You got it.

That's me. The guppy.

Wish I felt more like a shark. Or a barracuda.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well, I really hate to burst your bubble. But...

If you see yourself as the Will Smith fish, you're a blemmy, not a guppy.

If you're really a guppy, sharks aren't part of your reality, because you are a fresh water kind o fish.

You should rethink this whole concept. I recommend you go with "Finding Nemo". He's way cutier. The movie was much better. There's graphic photo available that's far more shark-tastic. And, he is a lovable clown.

Signed - Squirt "Remember: rip it, roll it, and punch it."

Blogger shooter45 said...

O.K. Doc, now you've crossed the line! Mess with MooGirl and you mess with me, The Krazy Kossack. You Nordick types have cute blond hair and a funny way of talking, we have have been warned!
p.s. to Moo.....Don't fall for the "Guppy line." Those sneaky Swedes will try anything.

Blogger Peter Rost said...

Maaaaaaaaaaaan, so I can't even be a guppy without screwing up.

Nemo, you say, huh?

I'll use that next time.

Blogger Moogirl said...

Oh Shooter, you just crack me up! You know you‘re still my favorite, but the way Doc says the word “situation” in the 60 Minutes piece just made me kind of weak in the knees! I now read all his posts with a Swedish accent. No wonder Hollywood is knocking on his door.

Good looking, articulate, compassionate, but most importantly, brave. I can’t imagine how scary it is, and was, to go up against this monstrous drug company.

Ok, so I’m rethinking this whole fish thing, especially since Anonymous is going to get all technical with the whole fresh water vs. salt water thing. WE are the guppies.

Doc, you are no longer a guppy, you’re now a dolphin. Did you know dolphins are the only natural threat to sharks? Intelligent, sweet, good-natured dolphins, turn into vicious battering rams when they encounter sharks and they usually win.

So congratulations Doc, you are now Flipper!

Blogger shooter45 said...

Maaaaaa, my tush! Comes across like a cuddly teddy bear, with a a 6" hat pin for my eardrum behind his back. I'm wise to you, Rost! And as for you, my babycakes Moo, I could catch you playing "Norwegian Lights" in the bedroom with the Doc. and I'd believe you were doing a quality control test for Posturepedic. Being a Leo/Virgo Cusp, we are little dizzy, but confident.

Now I gotta go earn a few bucks so play nice kiddies.

Blogger Moogirl said...

Shooter, you never cease to amuse me! And yes, you'll have to forgive me, I find myself having a small crush on the Doc at the moment. I kinda like those sneaky Norwegian types who are handy with a 6" hatpin (insert your own joke here).

Hey Doc, I realized after I wrote the above comment that you weren't even in this country back in the 60's when the show Flipper was popular, and therefore may not even know who Flipper was.

Here's a link for you. You MUST scroll down and listen to the theme song. I think you need a theme song.

Shooter, I’ll think of a theme song for you later! I’m leaning towards the theme from Gunsmoke...

Blogger shooter45 said...

O.k. Moo, my love. I know when to step aside and let nature run it's course. While you're tossing your motel keys at the Swedish cutie with the lisp, I'll tell a funny story (since you brought it up) about "size."
My father (and us, too of course) , as I had told you all before, travelled with the Russioan troops, first heading North to escape the German advance, and then later South, as the Germans were retreating. Eventually the Russians pushed the Germans all the way back into Germany. So came a time when the victorious Russian and American soldiers met up outside Berlin. When the Americans heard there was a doctor travelling with the Russians, what do you think was the first thing they asked him for? Bandages? Splints? Medicines? Nope.....CONDOMS! So my father, wanting to protect the G.I's from "the gift that keeps on giving" that the frauleins might pass on to them, agreed to supply some. Always the wise-ass (and you wonder where I get it from) packaged up a bunch of the largest condoms he had, and with a devilish smirk, labeled them "small" and proudly handed them over.
So take THAT!, Ingemar Johansson. If you ever wanna match "dueling pistols" with the Volga Vagabond, I'm ready.


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