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Beauty and Horror

The world is watching in horror what is going on in the Middle East. But, the world goes on, no matter how many are killed.

And, it is a beautiful weekend. And there is still beauty in the world.

Here's some of that beauty.


Dolores O'Riordan - Luciano Pavarotti - Ave Maria

Enrique Iglesias & Luciano Pavarotti - Cielito Lindo


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Contribution to the theme -

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I understand Pavarotti has pancreatic cancer. He recently underwent major surgery (Whipples procedure).

Here's hoping he makes it.

Anonymous Rosethejet said...

Truly beautiful music and singing.

BUT it's not all Classical Opera and such.

One thing of beauty to me that has stood out all these years was seeing the Original lineup of the Allman Brothers Band. They played as though they were connected by wires between all of them

It was a thing of beauty to watch those twin guitars of Dicky Betts and Duane Allman as they just played off of each other to the point making my head swim with ecstacy, The real thing not the pill.

Then listening to the bass playing of Berry Oakley(one of the best there ever was) playing counterpoint and compliment to them.

I can still hear it. The records help, but they were the best.

My favorite symphony however is hard to come up with.

I LOVE Pictures At An Exhibtion by Mussorski, but you need to find the version conducted a long time ago by Ravel. It is just spine tingling. You can hear just a shade of the Moorish influence Ravel had.

Beethoven's Ninth is just plain awesom. The 6th, often called the Pastoral Symphony is just a thing of beauty.

I had better stop or I'll be giving you hundred page list of music I find beautiful.

Even Metallica's Sanitarium is a work of art.

Blogger beeta said...

As much as I like beauty, it seems horror rules today!
"This miserable war with Lebenan, which is just getting more and more complicated for no reason at all, was born in Israel's greed for land. Not that israel is fighting this time to conquer more land, not at all, but ending the occupation could have prevented this unnecessary war.---peach with Syria would have guaranteed peace with Lebenan and peace with both would have prevented Hezballah from fortifying on Israel's northern border.---For years, Israel has waged war agianst the Palestinians with the main motive of insistence on keeping the occupied territories.---The war against the Palestinians is therefore unequivocally a territorial war, a war for the settlements. In other words, in the West Bank and Gaza, people were killed and getting killed because of our greed for land. From Golda Meir to Ehud Olmert, the lie has held that war with the Palestinisns is an existential one for survival imposed on Israel when it is actually a war for real estate, one dunam after another, that does not belong to us.----the same dangerously foolish thinking that charecterized the first 20 years of the occupation of the West Bank and Gaza---the palestinians sat quietly, surrendered under the Iaraeli occupation boot, and it did not occure to anyone to return their territory----Now comes the war in Lebenan and proves that this was a mistake. Although the Syrians sat on the sidelines, the danger from that direction was not removed and the delusion that Golan would forever remain in Israeli hands, without our being asked to pay for it's occupation, is now slapping us in the face.----the Arab and Muslim world has armed----but Israel has chosen to close it's eyes and build it's future on a horrifying temporary quiet, or on more and more war operations."
by Gideon Levey

Blogger beeta said...

Where I come from originally, we have a saying, " Don't be the bowl that is hotter than the soup".
It is interesting to me that some Americans can be more of a blind supporte of Israeli policies than some Israeli are.


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