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Today's Post is #1

There is a new web site called Med Chatter. They rank blogs and most recent blog postings and try to help people find the right place to go to.

Here's today's ranking of recent healthcare blog posts. The Dr. Peter Rost blog has provided the posts ranking #1 and #9.

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Anonymous Rosethejet said...


That's terrific and CONGRATULATIONS!!!

Has your readership increased significantly since Huffpo or the same.

Just curious as this place is always the first stop I make after checking the email.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I appreciate this line-up, especially knowing about, plus the lineup on there of several interesting med blogs, plus links. Yeah. Keep up the good work Peter Rost!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Perhaps this is as good as any place to suggest...

Followed you on Huffpo but really my interest stems from the corporate corruption link more than the Pharma link. I understand the last couple of posts fine and got the 'gist' of everything, but sometimes you talk a bit too much shop. I don't mind shop talk, but when I feel like I'm not in the club, I don't like it.

For those of us not in the industry, if you post a long one about some Pfizer inner workings/back stabbings, a quick primer to bring us up to speed would be great - or even a link to a primer.

For instance, excuse my ignorance, but I don't exactly follow the Apotex in full. I understand it is David v. Goliath, but what I don't understand is drug patents, drug marketing timing and why the FBI cares.

You don't have to re-hash that story for me - I like the take home message and think I got it, but I am not one who likes to skim the concepts where I am ignorant.

Also, wouldn't it be helpful if Jane Q. Public could understand the power lining the shelves behind the pharmacist?

For instance, I'm kinda poor, so at my doctors proposal, I volunteered my kid for some immunization trials. I was told that no new drugs are going in, only different combos of the same -my perk was free immunizations/medical care and maybe a small 'thank you' check in the end. My kid was fine, but it dawned on me about halfway through that I was basically risking my kids health to help out a corporation. Never again, but there's always a whole host of 'trial opportunities' happening in my clinic with promotional material front and center.

I know you are into exposing from the board room perspective, but think about the average slob of a consumer too.

Blogger Peter Rost said...

That was very good to hear anon! Will do. Yep.


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