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Dr. Peter Rost: The New Reality Show Blog

I've started working on the suggestions you gave to me in my post I NEED YOUR ADVICE. In fact, I thought your vote on "What should I do to support myself?" was really helpful.

#1 was the suggestion for me to write a book about what really happened inside Pfizer. More on that below.

#2 came the proposal to put ads on my web site. Based on your feed-back, I just started doing that. And if you ever want to buy something on Amazon, not just books, feel free to use the search box below to the left to start that search. . .

#3 landed the proposal to start the Rost Post. I've actually been looking into this. There was recently a very interesting article in the Wall Street Journal which was most helpful on this topic. Bloggers Find Financial Backers For Their Independent News Sites. I've also had some discussions with other healthcare bloggers on this. But I'm not sure if it is the right time yet, I may need to establish more of a track record in this area and increase readership further, until that can happen.

#4 came a proposal for me to write a thriller, since "my corporate life isn't fun enough to read about."

#5 and 6 were radio talk show host and movie star career.

So publishing and book writing came high on your list and so did other highly visible jobs. Last came working for the Mob and second to last working for a Canadian Internet Pharmacy. I guess you want my career to take an entertaining path and to exclude violence.

And, I'm obviously not going to disappoint you. Another challenge is just what I've been looking for, since so little else is going on in my life right now.

Some things to be aware of, though. Here are the stats, per my recent research. Less than 1% of all manuscripts are accepted by an agent. Out of those, maybe 10% actually get a publisher. Out of those, authors who actually get published, only 5% are able to support themselves on their writing. I guess, the old perception of starving artists and writers isn't too far off.

Of course, then there are a few rock star authors making millions, but they are just as rare as regular rock stars.

Not that I think any of that should stop me.

After all, it may be fun to follow my journey as I crash and burn. Or make it. Since, after all, turning this blog into a reality show, mixing a former Vice President's real life fight for survival, with his real life legal fight against a $50 billion behemoth and combine it with musings about life, politics and then spice it up with some appealing photos of both genders, may just be what it takes to create a new media phenomenon. And then, I'd solve that cash problem.

How about that?

By the way, if any of you have any good television connections, feel free to propose this as a new reality series. Meanwhile we'll just start off with this blog.

And, hey, none of this is too far off. Michael Moore's team called again, Friday afternoon.

Apparently they may want to do a shoot this week. I'll tell you more if that happens.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ick, I dislike "reality programing" even more than mindless polls, lol. Never over estimate the public's taste and attention span.

You have one advantage over many other wannabe published writers, you already possess advance publicity. The book idea will probably gain better traction with an eventually outcome to pending legal action/s (a la final chapter) "if" a trial date is at all visible on any foreseeable horizon.

Since you have expressed some interest in areas of politics and ethics, how does the decision to have advertising on your blog dovetail in? Are you at all concerned with the political and/or social responsibility leanings of say a corporation like "Amazon" being reflective of your own?

I perfer to think "Post Rost", Dante's "Inferno" daydream visual fantasy kinda thing. If you go that route (eventually), take a lesson from cheapo Lieberman, good technical support and dependability has it's price.

What, no plan for a "roadtrip"?? I'm telling ya, can be quite hair-raisingly inspirational.

Anonymous TheDarkSide said...

Wait a minute! Wait a cotton-picking minute!!!

What is wrong with this picture?

You are a very talented guy with very STRONG Survival skills!
You could go to work selling exotic cars in the Northeast and own three luxury car dealerships in two years.
You could completely revolutionize the advertising world which is trying, long overdue and missing the mark because they ran off all the guys that cared.

See, that's what everybody misses about you. They sense it. They want to test it. They want to see if it is real and sincere. And some just want to destroy it.
What is it? You really care!!!
You want to give people something they want, can use and are willing to pay a fair price for. It is almost an obsession.

This Blog is an example of some really great presentation skills. The image presented here is more than world class. It is cosmic.
The talent and skills required to produce some of the presentation here are only possessed by a few people.
Neither Hank McKinnell nor Jeff Kindler have this talent. Maybe Janice Dickinson?
They would produce this by sheer force of personality and running up one or more people's backside until they got what they wanted.

I am seeing a "stream of consciouness" Blog coming from you.
Some of this is already occurring on Cable TV, rapidly. The European and Asian influence is being felt.
Take cell phones. The young people want a cell phone that is functional while being visually and physically exciting and stimulating. They want the same qualities in a Blog.

Take it wherever it happens. Internet, film, video, personal appearances, etc. Tag up! Mash up! Be Media Guy!!! and never look back...
You could give Howard Stern, the King of satellite radio, a run for his money...
You be da King of Media!

Anonymous TheDarkSide said...

Are you could just try to hook-up with Bill and Melinda Gates and Bill Clinton in the War on AIDS.
They have a lot of money to spend. They will do a lot of good.
They are very interesting people who attract lots of interesting people.
Your call... Media guy...

Blogger Peter Rost said...

Thedarkside, this was the kindest stuff anyone has written in years. Believe me, I'm sucking it up! Feel free to expand!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Dr Rost:

You may want to reflect on what you want the principal components of your public role and your principal media identity to be before you become involved in different projects, so that your image and public perception are of a piece and do not seem fragmented. Concentrate on your key goals; focus your energy on them.

You could write some position papers and get selected speaking engagements. Be very particular about which groups you are associated with, however; it is important to build up a seamless track record over the long run, and you want to make sure that your ideas are promulgated in reputable and trustworthy sources. Remember that many groups, or leaders within them, have their own agenda; be alert so that you do not let yourself be used by such groups or individuals.

This advice is well meant but nevertheless unsolicited. Take what is useful, if anything, and vaya con Dios. Difficult periods in life do not last forever.


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