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Shaken, not stirred

I keep going back to the post Now I'm curious . . .

And I have to admit that I'm a bit shaken. Surprised, perhaps, but maybe not. I'm not sure.

I keep reading the various replies. And, I guess, I'm learning a lot.

I mean, this is a tounge-in-cheek blog making fun of most things and using a acerbic tone as often as I have an opportunity to do that. But I don't have anything like that to say about the responses or what I'm learning. I'm just reading them, over and over.

Sometimes, I have to admit, I wonder if half the people reading this blog are lawyers and PR people and others working for Pfizer. But of course I know that isn't the case. Although, I can't know for sure.

I can't really know anything for sure. And I'm not sure what to make out of all this. Not sure.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Doc, next you're going to tell us, why write this blog, if people care so little, when you could spend the time writing another book . . . right?

Blogger PeaceNow said...

Peter, you're a person of unusual talent, energy and imagination.

But you're also stuck in a PUER state. Your writing, both here and HuffPost, has reflected that.

Stop preening - except for a few groupies, no one cares for it, and you lose the gravitas you need to make a real difference.Find a big cause - a cause worthy of Peter the Man.

Invest your all in it - whether it pays well or not.

Since your background is in pharma, one good option might be to become the whistleblower's whistleblower. Create a non-profit that makes it easier for others to hold the drug companies to account - that provides counsel, a strong shoulder to lean on, and a way to right wrongs without jeopardizing careers as yours has been.

You remember what KENOSIS is, right? I must decrease...He must increase.

Good reading for you: Arbinger Institute's 2 Books: LEADERSHIP AND SELF-DECEPTION, and THE ANATOMY OF PEACE.


And no, I'm not a Phlunky...or a Phoe.

Blogger beeta said...

What exactely is the problem?
I admit, I havn't read every one of your posts, letter for letter, but I bet I can recall the jest of your concerns and your posts.
Are you upset with your regulars?
And if you are, why?
Were we suppose to have performed certain functions, that we have not?
We, the regulars, have always supported you, have encouraged you, have had faith in your character, have given you the right to do as you please (might I say at the cost of giving up our desire to have a site that serves our needs), have very publicley voiced our joy to see your success.
We have consoled you when your spirits were low, and rallied around when not many cared about your problems. We have been as loyal as any bunch of strangers from vast distances could be toward one they find defendable and encouragble.
Am I to assume that all that support pales against a $10.00 book purchase?
Had I known that my support was worth $10.00, I would have send you $10.00 from the begining and called it a day. Actually, now that I think about it, I suggested that to you a long time ago. I suggested that you ask for help from your supporters in managing the web site. I would gladely contribute $10.00 or more to keep this site active.
I will not buy your book, not because I don't like you or I don't think your book is worthwhile, but because my concerns are much larger than what some pharmacutical company is doing to gain an edge in the market (as reprehensible as that is). Pharma is doing what the majority of American ("The Holly and Mighty Free Market)companies are doing and getting away with. My concern is not and has never been nailng Pharma. The real problem is the big elephant (Capitalism without restraint) that is choking the life out of American (not to mention billions of others worldwide)dream.
I supported you and will support you, because you had the guts to stand up and say NO!
I offered my time, my resources and my support in any venture you wish to pursue that will change the status quo.
If all you want from me is to buy your book, I will. I won't read it, I imagine what you have to say is true, I have no reason to doubt you. Exposes are not my cup of tea, and from glancing at your posts for the better part of last year, I know what is in your book.
The book might be the biggest thing since sliced bread to you, but to us it is a step toward standing up to what we find un-acceptable. We are on your side because you are not on their side.
So Peter, What exactely is the problem my friend?

Blogger Argon said...

Well remember back in July I cautioned about what sliced bread was compared to when the HuffPo People Ranker was brought up. In case you need to refresh your memory here's the link:


I agree with beeta that Big Pharma is just part of the larger problem of "Capitalists Gone Wild" and trying to grab the profits while escaping any hint of accountability for their business practices or reponsibilty for the people they employ.

I respect that you're trying to promote your book on your blog, and support your efforts to sell it just as much as anyone else. I just thought it would be fair if you were asking that of others, that you wouldn't mind supporting the people who read your blog just as equally.

I think some of the opinions of a few of the anonymous comments (I also agree with moogirls's stand on anonymous commenters BTW) can found on almost any forum as the cynical attitudes that are prevalent.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dr. Rost has been writing this blog almost every day for the last six months, so it's not like he hasn't given a lot to you already. Dr. Rost, you should do a poll. Most of the people coming here just watch, they never write.

Blogger Peter Rost said...

Beeta, Argon, I just asked what you guys thought of the book . . . that's all.

Normally new books are launched in hard cover at $25, my publisher made the decision, to make it affordable, to do soft cover at less than half that price.

I hope that helped some of my readers.

I am grateful to every one of them for buying it and to the rest of you for coming here.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Your book is "fine" as it establishes credibility to the criticisms of the Pharma sales/marketing conduct. However, my experience leads me to say that people enjoy reading and discussing this between themselves and not doing anything to remedy the situation. A few years back, there was a noisy and large "demand" that Pharma disclose their marketing expense (down to the territory level) in my state. I "came out" and agreed to testify to the legislature as to the scope and necessity of the legislation. The hearing room was empty except for those on the committee and the three speaking for the bill's consideration. After all the collective chest-thumping that preceeded the bill, there was no demonstration of concern during the hearing phase and very little follow-up to individual legislators by constituents on this issue. The bill never made it to full consideration as the Pharma lobbysist was able to portray it as one of "lacking support". And you know what? He was right. The issue needed "heavy lifting" in order to pass and not a bunch of shallow talking amongst the converted. So what does this have to do with your book? From my perspective, your book puts into public view my professional world (I'm still in Pharma...) but don't expect anything substantive to come from it. Too much of the support is only vocal and slinks away when there is work to be done. I just wish that my colleagues in Research and Product Development had the resources as do Sales and Marketing...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Dear Dr. Rost,

I can't agree more with the post above: "Since your background is in pharma, one good option might be to become the whistleblower's whistleblower. Create a non-profit that makes it easier for others to hold the drug companies to account - that provides counsel, a strong shoulder to lean on, and a way to right wrongs without jeopardizing careers as yours has been."


"I agree with beeta that Big Pharma is just part of the larger problem of "Capitalists Gone Wild" and trying to grab the profits while escaping any hint of accountability for their business practices or reponsibilty for the people they employ."

There is a true need for a one-stop-shop for honest employees of EVERY industry to be encouraged with the appropriate 'tools' to turn corruption and hypocrisy inside-out. Make whistelblower status as Paris Hilton used to say, "Hot."

Just a thought. Keep your chin up.

Blogger Peter Rost said...

You know, that IS a good idea . . . really.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

There is a lot going on in Medicine, alaong with the pharmacy business. The field is a much larger one than you project. You are focussed on your own firing and being put on ice before that. As a former European I have experienced that as well, and, like you, I was not used to that, on the contrary. I had a fine career in Europe, and then I did my best here, doing College over, and more - required, I was told, to get any job at all - and becoming an U.S. citizen, also required, I was told.

There are a number of currents going on. One is a matter of labor practices. I will forward you an email I just received a few minutes ago. It has not much to do with me; I am not a nurse, and I do not live in California. It is, however, part and parcel of a large malaise in the medical establishment. I know that Pharmaceutical Industries, Insurers, and hospitals are doing quite well, thank you. The patients, the nurses, other personnel, and physicians are scrambling. A.o. Medicare reimbursements are going to be cut by 37% over the next 9 years - 5% in January, if Congress can not be persuaded to act. Where I live there is an outflow of physicians out of the business and out of the State because the Medical Malpractice Caps are higher here than in adjacent states. Insurance premiums to insure for that, however, are not that much affected, if my info is correct. In addition, although most physicians advertise that they take Medicare patients, quite a few will NOT take them, unless they have supplemental insurance, and then only the kind THEY accept. It is all a humongous mess. It is difficult of Medical Office personnel as well, and for physicians to wade through the quicksand. Meanwhile errors are rampant, and increasing. Those are larger issues than your being fired, and there is an enormous amount of material out there.

Personally, although no quite offended by the prurient little items you sometimes post, I find them uninteresting and irrelevant. I grew up in Amsterdam. I have seen it. And I think you do not do yourself any favors by including them, nor anyone else. It takes away from the serious issues that should be addressed.

Anonymous Rosethejet said...

While I haven't ordered you book yet, it's not for want of wanting to read it.

I've bought several books in the last few months and within an hour I'm so GDamned mad I have to put it down until my blood pressure drops to a survivable rate.

As well I've been busy getting ready for a convention I'm attending coming up here in the next week.

BUT it will be on my to buy list when I get back. Along with Woodward's new book.

I just get so damned mad when I read these books. Capitalist's Gone Wild is exactly what it is.

Unfortunately short of writing "concerned" letters nothing will change until we boot out everyone in Congress.

The Congress of the country over the last three decades has caved completely to the wishes of the bit money corporations.

As long as they can dangle tons of cash over the head of some poor (not necessarily financially poor) representative or Senator, with the thread of supporting the other guy unless the legislation is passed, nothing is going to change.

It will take a total stoppage of funds from anywhere but Federally financed campaigns. Even if the other person refuses to take it the federally funded guy will be allowed to match the privately funded guy dollar for dollar.

As well 527's have to be held legally accountable when they launch attack ads by being able to prove what they say and not just opinions.

They need to be reigned in as well. Not advocating slowing Free Speech but as with not being able to yell fire in a crowded theatre, the same thing can be done with 527s.

Well I can dream. So as much as your book will be read and raise more than a few blood pressures, unless we can get our so called elected representatives to actually represent us, it does appear to be all a moot point.

Not to sound like nothing can be done, but stop voting for the incumbent. Nothing wrong with a brand new House. Not a thing.

Keep it up Doc. I keep hoping you'll come to Santa Barbara for a book signing! :-)

Blogger Peter Rost said...

Thank youuu Rostthejet!

I'll definitely let you know when we do the book signing in Santa Barbara. Love that place.

Blogger Peter Rost said...

My mailbox is filling up with private mails and comments by readers. Wow. Thank you all!


Blogger Argon said...

Since you asked what I think of it, I do like the parts of the book I've read on the bog so far, and some of the reviews of it I've seen other places, based on that I thought you did a great job of detailing the problems you faced and the all the ways they tried to avoid them.

From the comments on here it looks like that phrase just might catch on, I could always do a video also and put it on YouTube of some "Capitalists Gone Wild" in the same style as the other videos I've seen the commercials for on TV. I think that might be very funny

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I enjoyed your videos, Dr. Rost.

We will let you know when "the old broads" protest in front of Pfizer's front door.

It will be a silent protest but perhaps you can help us get some media coverage?

I wonder if KK would like to join us. I know she would if she could.

Blogger Peter Rost said...

Can't wait. I'll be there. I'm sure you're all gorgeous!



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