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Get "The Whistleblower" Free Program

Moogirl took me to task in the post below. She made a number of good points.

And before I go off into another snarky post, let me state that Moogirl is someone I truly respect. Seriously. She's been here for a long time, and she speaks her mind. That is part of the fun with this blog . . . having readers disagreeing with me.

Additionally, she is one of my best looking readers, and I don't want to lose any good looking readers. They bring a certain appeal to this blog. Just like a club with hot members.

Last time Moogirl twisted my ear was when I wrote about Lonelygirl15. She didn't let me off the hook until someone pointed out all the mainstream media, including BusinessWeek and New York Times had written about that lonely girl, too.

But this time I got a real spanking.

And since I've felt very liberated lately, I figured I should point out an obvious solution to one of the very good points she made in Moogirl gives Dr. Rost a Spanking.

Moogirl wrote that "Many readers cited money as being the issue keeping them from purchasing your book. This seemed to leave a particularly bad taste in your mouth. I’ve noticed a decidedly snarky tone on your writing ever since (and not the good kind). The comment about a contribution button scaring away 90% of your readers was particularly sarcastic, as was the bit about most of your readers will think spending money on whistleblowers (the people, not the book) is a fab idea as long as it doesn’t cost us anything." And Moogirl continued, explaining how most of my readers are ordinary people, working for minimum wage or a little over, so that makes it hard to spend the ten dollars.

And I think Moogirl makes a good point. So I decided to start the "Get The Whistleblower Free Program."

This is how it works:

Anyone can read "The Whistleblower" for free. Most book stores will allow you to return the book within 30 days and get a full refund if you have a receipt. Same for Amazon, but you have to pay shipping.

Isn't this unethical? you may wonder.

I don't think so; if you buy a book, and later decide to return it because you didn't want it and you get money back you are simply following the merchant policy. You really can't know what you want to do until you've read it. Maybe you want to gift it to someone for the holidays. After all, most people buy holiday gifts. And if you have little money it may make sense to eat the cake and have it too, so to speak. Merchants have a return policy in place because they know it makes people buy more books, not fewer books. Because most people don't bother to return something, even if they don't like it.

But let's say you are a sneaky person, you have no intention of keeping the book, and you buy it simply to return it. Doesn't that hurt the merchant? you may ask.

Not at all. The bookstore does the same thing. Every single book they don't sell, they return to the publisher and get a refund. And after you have read the book, you will talk about it and some people who actually have ten bucks will buy it, because you told everone at work, or in the unemployment line how great it was!

So you see, everyone wins, no matter what your motives are. That's capitalism at its best.

Here are a couple of policies, check with your local book store:

Returns to Borders Express Stores
Merchandise presented for return, including sale or marked-down items, must be accompanied by the original Borders Express or Borders store receipt. Returns must be completed within 30 days of purchase. Returned merchandise must be in saleable condition.

Returns To Waldenbooks
StoresMerchandise presented for return, including sale or marked-down items, must be accompanied by the original Waldenbooks store receipt. Returns must be completed within 30 days of purchase. For returns accompanied by a Waldenbooks Store Receipt, the purchase price will be refunded in the medium of purchase (cash, credit card or gift card).

Uh, one more thing. Moogirl also wrote that, "I fear you may be alienating some of your most loyal readers." She was probably referring to my comment about "a contribution button scaring away 90% of my readers."

Truth is, I'm not afraid of that at all.

You see, no one thinks they are part of those 90%. It's the same with doctors. Study after study has shown that doctors don't believe they are pesonally affected by drug company promotion, but they do think many of their colleagues are influenced . . .



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm thinking you ARE digging deep.

And there's some yucky stuff in there.

I hope that means this is a purge.

If everyone is a crook and we have to deal with them, are we crooks too?

There is another way.

Live by your own honest principles and don't give a rat's ass about anything else. You'll still be able to eat.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I promise I will go out and do the sneak peek and return right after you outline how you have helped your first whisteblower.

snarkingly yours,

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"I have a feeling I will be very snarky this week.

And I know that will make most readers stay on, just to find out how grumpy I can be."

LMAO, now there's something to live for (NOT!)

Me thinks you think too much of yourself.

Reasons I haven't ponied up for your book yet -

1. I have other (perhaps, better) things to read. Already piling up, patiently waiting for me.

b. Having extentively read your blog and other articles pertaining to you and your plight, I already have a fairly good sense of what when down.

2. I (like almost every other person in America) have spent time in a job(s) in corporate America. Your negative experience is not entirely unique. That you earned in access of a mid six figure income, is in the minority. Due to your minority status, you are much better positioned financially to turn "whistleblower", file multiple suits, and afford the time to talk/write about it.

Here's a novel concept - why don't you, Dr. Peter Rost, purchase 50 copies of your own book and donate one to each of the largest public libraries in each united state. Or, encourage your purchasing public to recycle in like manner. That way everyone benefits - the writer, the publisher, the book seller, our public institutions (libraries), and potentially every member of society.

Blogger Argon said...

Well anything for a pretty face right? It certainly works for the drug reps. I suppose it helps to get your attention better when she says it rather than the more equal deal I proposed.

It certainly requires a lot less effort on your part, how's that for snark?

Blogger Moogirl said...

Wow, can you say backhanded compliment?

Blogger Peter Rost said...



Blogger Argon said...

I agreed with what moogirl said for the most part that it was your fight and if you were going to involve us in it to any significant degree, I thought it only fair for you to put in as much effort as you asked of us.

That's why I didn't think much of the solution you proposed because the effort of ordering the book and then returning it was still only on one side, where's the balance in that?

I suppose you could call that a backhanded compliment to the Doc, but most likely deserved from circumstances, right?

Blogger Peter Rost said...

"I thought it only fair for you to put in as much effort as you asked of us. That's why I didn't think much of the solution you proposed because the effort of ordering the book and then returning it was still only on one side"

Argon. Did you really write that?

Did you actually compare the effort of writing a book and getting it to the market with simply buying and returning it?

Seriously? Or did I completely misunderstand what you wrote?

Anyway, we love you with or without book purchase and return.



Blogger Argon said...

Seriously? Or did I completely misunderstand what you wrote?

Yes you did actually, since it was a continuation of my 3 previous comments on the subject that you must have missed. Maybe I should've gotten my wife to write them since she's the pretty one *wink*

I know how hard it is to write a book and get it marketed since I've tried to do it myself without a tenth your success at it.

Blogger Peter Rost said...

OK. I'm totally confused, but hey, it is always nice with a chat before bedtime. Feel free to elaborate!


Blogger Argon said...

How about if I tell you that my wife typed this for me would that help? *wink* Or do you need a different copy of picture to get your full attention? *wicked grin*

Well maybe it would help to clear up your confusion if you reviewd the other comments.

Now I'm Curious Comments

Shaken not Stirred Comments

You asked what your readers thought of your book and since a lot hadn't read it yet, they didn't feel they could answer that adequately. That lead to the subject of why they hadn't read it and why they felt they couldn't afford to buy it.

The question of effort arose when you suggested they buy and return it, which would help your sales figures but at least with the idea of donating some copies to libraries it's meeting people halfway on the deal.

Anonymous shade said...

I've not been able to read this for a while and I'm quite surprised at the turn things have taken. As I recall the subject of money came up when the Doc simply asked what we thought of his book. Then came all of the comments on how it wasn't affordable to most which in turn led to what seems to be a lot of (unnecessary) hurt feelings on all sides. PEOPLE! have you never heard of a LIBRARY? Seriously - THEY EXIST ONLY TO SERVE YOU! I say this with complete confidence as I am a librarian. If your beloved but obviously neglected local library doesn't have a copy - call them and ask for one! Yes, it's that easy! and librarians love it when people show interest in the collection. I know, I know some of us can be a little intimidating, but persevere my little punkins and you will be rewarded. Remember - what you don't use you will lose and we need libraries more than ever!

And if you feel the need to abuse the returns policy at your local bookstore please choose a major chain and not your local "mom and pop", they have their own money troubles!


Blogger Peter Rost said...

Love it Shade!

Thank you.



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