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I Spy, You Spy, We Spy, Pfizer Spy

The people who are charged with monitoring me and my blog have been up to some amazing computer acrobatics over the last few days.

Clearly they have received professional advice on how to hide who they are.

Only problem is they didn't do so well . . .

I can't tell you exactly what I know, because then I'll simply teach them. There are many ways to find someone who suddenly wants to make himself invisible.

He can switch IP provider, he can use an anonymizer, and a few other things, but he can't really hide.

You see, even if he changes everything, his tracks betray him. People who monitor blogs read them a bit differently than people who just come by.

I'll try to explain without saying too much. A few years back there was a large city in Sweden in which it was discovered that the people who emptied the parking meters had been skimming a lot of coins. The week after this hit the newspapers, revenues from parking meters in all the other cities in Sweden doubled. Of course that didn't prove anything, but we all understand what happened and how the crooks in their attempt to not get caught, actually revealed themselves.

And this, without going into further detail, is exactly what some of the montoring professionals who have tried to hide the fact that they are monitoring me and this blog, have done. The only thing it has made me realize is just how many they are. Sheeeeeeeeeet. Pfizer! Can't you let a fired employee alone?

Apparently, my revelations last week when I told you a few of the lawyer names in Covington & Burling goes Gabonkas, had far reaching reverberations. Of course, they had nooooooo idea I could actually find out WHO they were. And this set off a seldom seen frenzy among the Pfizer goons.

One group of Pfizer goons in New York actually thought it would be a swell idea to use an anonymizer. (Use the link to check it out!)

It was so funny to see them tropping into my blog yesterday, all with the anonymizer over their heads, thinking they were anonymous.

Only it didn't work too well, because they made, oh well, a few mistakes. So I could see their old IP address. And of course the fact that I know will tell them they really messed up.

I have to tell you I was rolling on the floor howling with laughter (ROTFHWL) when I saw the Pfizer spies entering my blog dressed like that, looking for info on the three lawyers I outed last week. It was kind of like watching people who put a brown paper bag over their heads thinking they were invisible.

Better luck next time Pfizer!

I spy, you spy, we spy, but no one Spies Like Pfizer. Oh, sorry. Maybe HP. And they have been indicted.


Blogger insider said...

I've had a bit of hot C&B action myself recently, as well!

Blogger Peter Rost said...

He he. I already know that. I could see their tracks. Maybe they think you are me??


Anonymous Anonymous said...

You should get some keystone cops video to play for this one.

This is the Peter we love.

Shining sunlight on cockroaches.

Blogger Markbnj said...

You said it for me... ROTFHWL


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