Saturday, April 21, 2007

Pharma Giles: I just love that blog!

Here's what he wrote yesterday:

"I know I can always rely on Dr. Peter Rost to provide some cheering entertainment. And he has not disappointed me. His rigorous bitch-slapping of John Mack’s sneering dismissal of a post by the eminently sane and sensible Ms. Shanley (of “On Pharma” fame) was thoroughly welcome and gave me a good laugh of the “just desserts” variety. "

Continued here.

Pharma Giles ends his post with the following thoughtful suggestions:

As the Judge’s recent (and hopefully one-off) behaviour shows, perhaps what is needed is a code of conduct for Pharma bloggers, rather than for the whiny punters over at CP. Most of us don’t need one of course, because we are all polite, civilised individuals, but maybe such a code would help to keep the odd rogue in check.Out of interest, here’s the “code” I try and stick to (note the word “try”…)

Rule 1: Always acknowledge or link to your sources. We Pharma Bloggers are always nicking stuff off of each other and that’s all part of the fun. But we should leave plagiarism to Pharma middle-management. It has no place here.

Rule 2: If you get stuff wrong, correct it ASAP (I see Dr. Rost. did just that last night on his post about the Pfizer rep allegedly getting slapped.) If the error is pointed out by a fellow blogger, acknowledge that (like I did when I misquoted Fard Johnmar)
Rule 3: Respect the anonymity of those who wish to remain anonymous. People blog for lots of different reasons. I don’t wish to question them or try and find out who they are. (Unlike the Judge, who tried to trawl for info on the ID of Insider for reasons of his own a while back.)

Rule 4: Don’t (be)rate other bloggers, or “dis” them, unless they break the code of conduct. Differences of opinions are fine but should be openly debated without sneering. CP is the place for that.

Rule 5: If you are writing anonymously, then don’t criticise individual non-blogging folk by name. If you’re anonymous, then the subject of your writings should be afforded the same courtesy. That’s why I satirise, albeit thinly sometimes.

Rule 6: Don’t attempt to impose your own rules upon anyone else.

Er, looks like I’ve just broken Rule 6. So feel free to “dis me”. I guess the Judge will anyway, but that’s all part of the fun. So long as it doesn't get nasty...

I know most of us are already working to it anyway, but any suggestions on this “code” thing are welcome though…

Now I am off to start my new blog, intended as an antidote to any pharma blogger who takes themselves seriously…

Have a great weekend, folks. Even you, Judge, and I mean that. I’m sure you are a sweetie really…


Anonymous said...

Does this mean the band might get back together?

. said...

RIGHT ON! That is the 4-20 spirit!!!! Peace among you brilliant health care bloggers.. Life is TOO good. I am so grateful.

I think Pharma Giles and Dr. Rost Rock...

Peace and Love,

Dr. Black Kitty

Anonymous said...

Seems Mr. Mack has a rival: