Friday, April 20, 2007

AstraZeneca's Zubegate Making Headlines in the UK

And so the story has traveled over the Atlantic, to AstraZeneca's home country.

The Independent has written a detailed account of the story, and ends the article with a quote from yours truly:

Some commentators have suggested that Mr Zubillaga was simply telling the truth, although others have taken offence. Peter Rost, a former marketing executive at Pfizer, who first posted the newsletter on his "whistleblower" blog two weeks ago, wrote: "AstraZeneca lacked the internal controls to make sure the truth didn't get out, and now they are trying to show they are holier than thou, by firing the guy who said what everyone knows to be true ... Instead of a reprimand, AstraZeneca created a sacrificial lamb to cover the corporate rear end."

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