Wednesday, April 18, 2007

AstraZeneca Sales Reps Open Up

. . . on CafePharma today:

There is not a SINGLE pharma company that is in full compliance with OIG, PhRMA, etc. Face it, we're all paid based on sales, and the only way to really make $$ is to bend/break the rules a bit. All this corporate BS about "ethical" selling, etc is nothing but lip service to protect the higher-ups. Good script numbers is an excellent deodorant, and I don't know a single sales manager that will reward it's sales people based on no growth, but good compliance with regs. Those people are kicked-out. As long as you are delivering scripts, thery don't care how you're doing it.

If you truly believe the above, you are no better than any of them. You are lying to the people of this country and putting lives at jeapordy. There is no such thing as a little lie in life or in the law...and there is nothing ethical about skirting the truth. If your bonus is the ultimate end in your life, and that matters more than truth or dignity, then I can only hope that I never do business with you or anyone like you. You are a disgrace to this company and to yourself...And I don't give a damn if you believe that everyone else does it, why shuold'nt you. It doesn't wash!

Yeah, OK Mr. Ethical! I suppose if I opened up your bag at any point in your "career" I'd find no home-made sales-aids or unapproved articles? You've never engaged in a conversation or answered a question from a prescriber about an off-label use of your drug? Suuuuuurrrrrrre. I'll bet you're one hell of a salesperson! Doucehbag

You're right about one thing...I am one hell of a salesperson. But, wrong about the rest. I follow a strict rule of ethics in sales and life, not AZ's, and still have been quite successful, although I am now in the process of seeking employment in another industry - largely due to my utter disappointmet in AZ and the rest of pharma.

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