Friday, April 20, 2007

Quote of the day: Abraxis BioScience

AstraZeneca's "Zubegate" is moving over to Abraxis BioScience's message board on CafePharma.

This appears to be a comment by an Abraxis BioScience sales rep. If so it supports what AstraZeneca's "Fantastic 7" have claimed:

"If I were a MSL or DSM, I will be very concerned because they are all complicit in off-label promotions. I have been told many times by my manager to use MSL to promote off-label and NEVER to put anything on email or in writing.

AZ counterpart received the same instruction. It is time we unite and do what the Gang of Seven at AZ has done. We should be policing our MSL, DSM, BF, CM, JH, RAMs, and make sure that we document and report all illegal activities. I still don't know the basis for my ridiculously high sales target!

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