Monday, April 09, 2007

More comments from the anonymous AstraZeneca whistleblower . . .

. . . who gave me the Oncology Newsletter which led to dismissal of Regional Sales Director Mike Zubillaga.

The anonymous AZ whistleblower wrote the folling to me today, about AstraZeneca's approach to whistleblowers, which is dictated by AstraZeneca's Corporte Integrity Agreement with OIG (see earlier posts).

The following response was based on my question, " Do you have ANY proof of these code of conduct violation reports, any copy, any wording???":

"Report and PIN numbers are given to anyone that calls the [AstraZeneca] "Code of Conduct hotline." No one knows the PIN number except the caller. The PIN number is really the only thing a whistleblower has to protect himself against retaliation, since AZ claims that retalition is illegal. None of us believe this, but we cling to it anyway. We are not quite ready to give up the individual report numbers, as it would make it easier for AZ to target us."

When I asked if it was OK to post the information above, she responded:

"Please post your email with it, along with the Code of Conduct number and encourage other AZ employees to step up to the plate. Needless to say, all of us are terrified of retaliation but are sick and tired of working in a corrupt, unethical environment. Hopefully the whistleblower laws offer some protection...."

So, here it is. AstraZeneca Code of Conduct Hotline number is: 888 244-1769.

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