Friday, April 27, 2007

PharmaGiles: Please don't go!

PharmaGiles is leaving the blog world, and ends his blogging career with another one of his classic, funny, tough, beautiful posts.

Read it all here.

Question Authority is really hurting . . . by this news. I simply hope Giles will change his mind. PharmaGiles has been getting better and better at a very rapid pace. So Giles, can't we just be a family, work things out?? Please don't go!

Here are some of PharmaGiles final words:

"Blogs like Question Authority, PharmaGossip and Pharmalot (and I could go on) are now holding the pharmaceutical industry up to a level of scrutiny that they’ve never had from mainstream media before. The AZ business has woken Big Pharma up to the power of the Blog. I believe Big Pharma’s PR wonks will now increasingly look to counter the impact of the “good” blogs by use of corporate-sponsored trolls of their own, burying the truth in reams of trivia, misinformation and weight of negative comment on the "critical" blogs. Some will just act as flack to draw the reader’s attention away from what is really going on. Others will attack the “pharma-unfriendly” blogs rather than the excesses of the industry they are supposed to report on.

There's been a sudden explosion of pharma blogs, hasn't there?...

Pharma Blogosphere's™ author certainly enjoys the largesse of Big Pharma at their events for tame bloggers. So is the Pharma Blogosphere™ the first of these "trojan pharma blogs"? Maybe not, but I think I’ve seen the future there. I wouldn't enjoy swimming in it, methinks..."

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Unknown said...

Interesting. Wonder who is chasing who here...