Friday, April 13, 2007

Pharmalot: Ends the week with AstraZeneca

Actually two posts in one day:

The AstraZeneca Scandal Continues: Investigation Into Marketing Is Under Way

In response to repeated requests for comment - any comment - in the wake of the newsletter scandal, AstraZeneca just sent a statement.

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'Twas a busy week dominated by the AstraZeneca scandal - a crass newsletter; vague company denials about its origins; the firing of a sales manager; anonymous e-mails claiming internal knowledge of off-label marketing; and a belated statement in which the drugmaker admits receiving employee complaints that have supposedly led to an internal investigation.

Interestingly, AstraZeneca was largely silent much of the week, but by Friday, was forced to reply to a few blogs, including Pharmalot, after it became clear the affair would not simply go away as quickly as a newsletter could be tossed in the trash.

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