Wednesday, April 25, 2007

U.S. Doctors: 94% of them are Johns.

The New England Journal of Medicine, today released a study which showed 94 percent of U.S. doctors reporting some relationship with drug or device makers.

The doctors most likely to receive industry payments were the least likely to be caring for the poor.

Female doctors were less likely to receive payments than males.

In total, 83 percent of the docs said they accepted free meals, 78 percent accepted "free" samples, 35 percent accepted reimbursement for CMEs or meetings, 28 percent accepted payment for speaking, consulting, advisory board work or enrolling patients in clinical trials, and 7 percent took free tickets to sporting or cultural events.

This all raises an important question: Should we be upset with the Johns satisfying their cravings or the ladies of the night meeting their demand and turning tricks?

I suggest that most of those companies are just giving the Johns what they want. The Johns are the most highly paid professional group in the country, but money is never enough. Free samples, pizza, and cheap pens clearly are irresistible.


Anonymous said...

Well, now, at least you are direct, Dr. Rost. As for the pens, one familymember, some years ago, received one that looked like something different. It was white, and had a cord you hung around your neck! It really wrote, and came from a pharmaceutical company. Must have had someone there with an interesting sense of humor as well.

Anonymous said...

"Johns?" Doctor, is this another bitch-slapping....?

Anonymous said...

Puh leez! Leave me out of this!

--The Bitch

Unknown said...

LMASO. YOU do know how to make people read an entire post sometimes. A cute picture. A stupid looking guy. A woman. And some facts. I'm easily amused. And I'm irresistible too!