Saturday, April 14, 2007

To one of my biggest fans . . .

Thank you, for your kind words!

More over at the Black Kitty.

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. said...

Thank You Dr. Rost.

I want to publically thank you for all your AZ reporting. On top of what you normally discuss, this has been an amazing roller coaster to ride. Coming from about 30 years of academic medicine, the heuristic side of things is giving me great amusement, sadness and anger.

I know your efforts on your blog are unpaid, and that is a gracious use of charitable time on your part. It is for that reason, that I know you need to do self promotion. I know it is for your family and your income. I did not mean that in a derogatory way at all.

I hope you and yours have a nice relaxing weekend.

Dr. Black Kitty

PS. I AM one of his biggest unconditional supporters!