Saturday, April 14, 2007

John Mack's end of week summary on AstraZeneca

John Mack takes credit for getting Don Imus fired then says this about the AstraZeneca Affair:
"But these incidents are connected in another way: bloggers in the Pharma
Blogosphere may have played a role in getting these guys fired. Peter Rost (Question Authority; damn! another reference to Rost which will raise him even higher on the topics list! I'm sure he'll note this in his blog!) was quick to take credit for Zube's demise. I don't think anyone in the Pharma Blogosphere would dispute that. See "Peter Rost gets an AstraZeneca employee fired." (Medical Weblog)"

More here, at Pharma Blogosphere.

And thanks, John, love that topics list!

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