Tuesday, April 24, 2007

AstraZeneca CEO gets involved in ZubeGate

The main press is now picking up significant portions of what I've been writing about AstraZeneca's ZubeGate Affair, please see articles in posts below.

The article in UK's The Independent confirms that David Brennan, AstraZeneca's CEO has now taken a personal interest in this story:

"AstraZeneca will discipline more of its US sales team if allegations of illegal marketing tactics are proven to be true, the drug company's chief executive promised."

The Independent also reports that "AstraZeneca has begun an internal investigation into whether the tapes contravene a ban on comparing rival drugs that haven't been tested against each other in a proper scientific study."

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Anonymous said...

Does he mean he'll discipline more of its US sales team that was actually breaking the law??? Or does he mean that he'll discipline more of that sales team they suspicion could be part of the "Fabulous 7" for leaking the information???