Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Pharma Blogosphere: "Rost Rocks!"

Thank you, John Mack, for this write-up:

Round the Sphere: Rost Rocks, AZ PR Meltdown

Does Peter Rost (Question Authority) rock your world or wreck it?

If your world is the pharmaceutical industry and the AstraZeneca corner of it in particular, you probably would say that he is wrecking your world.

To us bloggers in the Pharma BlogosphereTM, however, Rost Rocks!

Think of Rost in his best "deep throat" outfit sitting on a park bench in Wilmington, DE (US headquarters of AstraZeneca). Mysterious people stop by and sit next to him for a few minutes and then leave. Rost throws some crumbs on the ground and immediately a flock of pigeons swoops in and gobbles them up!

Continued here.

And what's more. John has a kind heart. See end of his post. Thanks John!

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