Friday, April 13, 2007

Today's quotes about the morphing AstraZeneca scandal:

"For any print journalists and editors struggling with the concept, this is the perfect case study in Internet 2.0 citizen/community journalism. Arianna Huffington must be ruing the day that she dismissed Rost, who, in returning to his roots in the industry appears to have found his true voice as a blogger, and a second calling as a lightning rod for more transparency within the industry, on the sales and marketing side."
-Situation Heats Up At AstraZeneca: Web 2.0 Journalism in the Making

"The AZ Bucket of Money scandal is starting to unfold at a faster pace. First, in what I’m sure is just an unfortunate coincidence . . . Third, Peter Rost—who has been leading the charge on this in a way that is most irritating for us professional journalists who, you know, would like to be able to check the facts ‘n’ stuff before writing—has shared with me some more email he got from the Group of 7. (See the full emails after the jump.)"
-AZ 'Bucket of Money' Whistleblowers Allege Off-Label Campaign Occured; AZ Switches Global Marketing Execs

Clinical Psychology and Psychiatry: A Closer Look
-AZ: The Plot Thickens

"The controversy over the drugmaker's newsletter - in which a regional sales manager likens a doc's office to 'a bucket of money' - is threatening to morph into something larger."
-The AstraZeneca Scandal: Dear Feds

-"AstraZeneca - it's Friday the 13th!"

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