Monday, April 16, 2007

Pharmalot: "The AstraZeneca Scandal: Secret Slides"

The AstraZeneca Scandal: Secret Slides

And so the next chapter in the sad saga continues this morning as Peter Rost, Pfizer exec-cum-whistleblower, writes on his blog that he received proof of off-label marketing from one or more AstraZeneca employees, whose nom de drug is 'Gang of Seven.'

By providing such information, the employee(s) wish to offer proof that earlier claims, which Rost, Pharmalot and others have posted, are in fact legitimate. This type of venue allows an employee to circumvent or supplement an internal investigation fraught with retaliation. And Rost is a convenient medium, because he understands, having done that sort of thing himself. Meanwhile, you may recall last week the drugmaker acknowledged internal complaints and claimed an investigation is under way.

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