Wednesday, April 11, 2007

My Mission.

John Mack on his blog asks What's your Mission/Vision Thing? and asks fellow bloggers to submit their visions.

That got me thinking.

What IS my vision thing for this blog? Clearly John has his thoughts about that, but seriously . . ?

Then it hit me. It had been right there in front of me, and I hadn't even realized what my mission was, until today. My mission is to appear as many times as possible on John's blog.

And it's working, here is the list of times John has mentioned various topics on his blog:

Dr. Peter Rost (19)
BrandweekNRX (18)
Pharmalot (13)
PharmaGossip (12)

This is a goooooooooood week

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PharmaGuy said...


I love you, man!

But what do you think of GSK pulling its ads from the Imus show after I called for them to do so? See