Monday, April 30, 2007

Monogram Bioscience investor comments on allegations of illegal Pfizer HIV premarketing: "I think we're screwed"

Pfizer is seeking FDA approval to sell maraviroc for patients who have tried other treatments and have a form of HIV that uses the CCR5 receptor. Today, Question Authority revealed that a Pfizer whistleblower claims Pfizer illegally premarketed maraviroc.

This didn't sit well with Monogram Biosciences investors. Monogram Biosciences makes a blood test to determine if a patient falls into the category that should be treated with the Pfizer drug. In Pfizer's screening, 56 percent of previously treated patients had a virus that used CCR5.

Here are a few comments about my article, from people with an apparent stake in Monogram Biosciences, posted on the company's financial message board:

"I dont think its a real setback. If they broke the "Marketing" rules then PFE will pay a fine and they'll move on. This has nothing to do with the success, effectiveness or approval of the drug. I doubt that the FDA will sacrafice human lives for the sake of "Marketing". I think this "illegal marketing" reinforces PFE's confidence in this drug."

"did pfe respond to this yet? "

"I think you are smart enough not to believe everything that you see printed or in the net."

"I know. I try to post my finds though, so people can make an informed decision. I hold a very large position in this stock and that article doesn't alter my particular views."

"I agree, there is a lot of BS out there... seems this guy who wrote the article (Dr. Rost) has a personal vendetta against PFE. He has a website where all he does is bash PFE... I just read that he has already retained the services of Katz, Marshall & Banks, LLP to represent this supposed whistleblower. I'm thinking this is much to do about nothing. "

"i think where screwed"

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Anonymous said...

For the record Pfizer has a very large stake in Monogram and Monogram with Pfizer. Everything I have seen their immediate and long term success rides with miraviroc. The trofile test is tied to miraviroc and no patient can take the drug before having the test. All the trials and all future selling of miraviroc depend on the Monogram assay. If I were monogram I would be concerned but as usual Pfizer will claim ignorance and move on no harm no foul right?