Sunday, April 08, 2007

The AstraZeneca Scandal: Kudos

From AstraZeneca's message board:

Glad to see the world is finally getting a glimpse of the true motivation behind Pharma's veneer of supposed benevolence and innovation. I was in the industry for 12 years so spare me your self righteous propaganda. We all know its about money and the power that money brings. This guy MZ actually had the kahunas to admit it. Seems to me he has already has more credibility than most of the industry. Trash him all you want but it's the culture behind the scenes that needs to be exterminated not the employees that reflect it.

If you guys really want to clean up your image you are going to have to go a little deeper than that. Kudos to Peter Rost for shining a light on the disease within Pharma.

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. said...

Dear Dr. Rost,

You are 100% correct, the culture, and the ethical ideals of the pharma culture needs to change. This is an imperative. All the big global corporations have had to make significant modifications in philosophy to survive this new era of information.

I think the Health Care Renewal Posting on the Annals of Internal Medicine Editorial and sub par article about Byetta is an example of the intersection of academic medicine and PHARMA. Please see my horribly long comment on that posting, which illustrates a basic philosophy of the FDA and PHARMA that is not optimum and results in suspect research studies.

Thank you, and Happy Easter to you and your family.

Dr. BK