Monday, June 26, 2006

"Readers' favorite comments"

I'm going to wrap up the Huffington Post Troll controversy.

Check out "Readers' favorite comments" over at HuffPo, to four posts HuffPo allowed to be published about my firing. I believe the comments speak for themselves, even though it has been widely reported that HuffPo censored many replies that didn't support HuffPo.

Setting the Record Straight: On Trolls, Moles, and Dis-Invited Bloggers (105 comments )
Arianna Huffington (co-founder and editor of the

Peter Rost's Accusations (73 comments )
Jonah Peretti (partner and director of technology for the Huffington Post)

Nuts About The Huffington Post! (69 comments )
Greg Gutfeld (blogger and . . . . uuhhhhh)

The Freedom to Blog on the Huffington Post (55 comments )
Free Andy Yaco-Mink (11 comments )
James Love (blogger and director of the Consumer Project on Technology)



Rev. L. said...

I wonder if they got nervous about it and finally started letting the comments through? I know mine didn't get through. I left 3-5 comments on Arianna's post alone, non of which got through.

Good to see some hard questioning going on over there, though.

Anonymous said...

None of mine (surprise surprise) got through at all. I suppose my IP had a HUGE red flag on it.

BUT it was interesting that some got through although by the end run of a lot of comments by other bloggers those comments had disappeared.

Welcome to Arianna'a version of the Bush administration.

Anonymous said...

I probably had something like 20 comments not go through. The ones I managed to get through were all on non-Arianna blogs. The other bloggers on the site don't seem to share the gestapo tactics of her staff. And most of the ones I got through made it to reader's fav. I've also had 2 accounts banned so far. I'm shooting for at least 10.

Anonymous said...

I've had several accounts banned there as well, bebop. The funny thing, is I really can't think of anything that I've written that's violated HuffPo's policy. I'm just sick of that place's gestapo tactics. I rather read other blog sites that post news like or to get my news.

Anonymous said...

I was banned once and I'm a die-hard Democrat and liberal. Now I just use anonymizer but it's not cheap. (There are cheaper alternatives)

Nothing I've posted about the Dr's plight has been published either. Except the other day I did get a "best of" again - on a different topic altogether.

Anyhoo... things are pointing to what I've believed for a long time: Huffpo *encourages* trolls. Why? Traffic.

Think about it: No matter which side of the aisle you're on, left or right, if you read the posts sooner or later you'll see some total @$$hole post something that you have a snappy answer for.

It's tough to resist not popping in and, in my case, verbally smacking around a (not very bright) troll or two.

But the Jerry Springer analogy is apt. And after a point, no serious discussion occurs. The longer a topic is left up there the more it deteriorates into a pissing match.

Except each time someone pops in to pee, Arianna can point to greater and greater site statistics and more and more money from her advertisers.

If everyone agreed with each other, Arianna would go broke. Who knew that trolls lay golden eggs?

It's like Worldwide Blog Wrestling and about as intelligent to watch as the regular kind on tee-vee and almost as genuine.

Anonymous said...

I got banned yet again for posting what I did on page 1 of the comments at the following blog entry (as censorship is still very much alive at