Saturday, June 24, 2006

HuffPo Apologizes! Kind of.

Jonah Peretti, who is a partner and director of technology for the Huffington Post, apologized for the recent HuffPo scandal.

Almost apologized, I should perhaps say. Or kind of apologizes a bit.

And his writing isn't too bad either. And he's not lying, like Arianna, even if he is partly wrong.

This is what he says, among other things:

"I contacted Andy to express concern the moment I heard he was commenting on Rost's posts. Critical comments are fine for a reader of HuffPost but the tech staff's primary responsibility is to support our contributors and critical comments send the wrong message. Before I could even express these thoughts to Andy, he offered a heartfelt apology. He realized that he was acting like a reader when he posted the comments, but as a HuffPost staffer he should have shown more restraint expressing his personal opinions in the comments."

He claims that "Andy did not manipulate the comments and the fact that Rost is demanding an investigation or a denial is offensive. "

That's what he is wrong about. Enough readers on this blog have recently showed how easy it is to manipulate the HuffPo voting system, they've done it with everyone watching on this site.

The fact that using a Firefox browser gives you a carte blanche to manipulate ratings on HuffPo IS offensive. And the people who designed such a faulty voting system SHOULD be fired.

Because it is now clear that anyone could have manipulated Yaco-Mink's reply. No reply gets voted "Readers' favorite comment" in half an hour, unless voting is rigged.

You can read Parretti's mea culpa here.

One more thing, Jonah is complaining that I used a press release and e-mails to inform people of my new blog.

Jonah; I know you read my blog, so let me just tell you that I wouldn't have had to do that if you had allowed me to say good bye to my readers. But you didn't. You thought you were HuffPo and had total media power, respect and control.

After all, my blog posts don't appear on Google News and Yahoo News the way yours do. I'm just a guy trying to protect my name after being attacked by HuffPo. Not the other way around. Next time think before you censor your next whistleblower.

You topped it all off by deleting negative responses to Arianna's lying blog about me, as if you had been schooled by the political propaganda machines you so often criticize.


Anonymous said...

IF that is an apology I hope I never hear one from them. It might hurt too much.

Interestingly Greg's post is long gone.

Wonder how that happened? Off topic?

Lordy but those people are doing nothing but aiming and firing for their feet.

Anonymous said...

They couldn't silence the outrage by posting fake anonymous comments and censoring ours so now they are getting their bloggers to try defending their actions. Additionally, anything that looks bad for them will be buried, like Arianna's response and Greg's post. It's typical Fox strategy to the T. I wonder how many bloggers (pundits) they asked to chime in. Obviously Jonah had to, but why Love? Trying to steal some of the spotlight since he can't seem to do it on his own topics? I hear Geraldo needs a job. Maybe they can call him. I bet his rate is fairly reasonable these days. And you know that fucker will say anything if you pay him.

And they really don't see the hypocrisy of asking bloggers to stray from their areas of expertise to defend the post when the doc being fired was supposedly because he strayed off topic? Or at this point, are they just desperately treading water and don't have time to give a shit how ridiculous they look?

Rev. L. said...

Well, at least Yaco-Mink admitted that he was wrong for even posting in the first place. The fact that he is still there and you are not, however, says quite a bit about HuffPo. None of it good.

By the by, Rosethejet, I actually saw a few people asking as to your whereabouts. Hard to say if you saw it or not since I didn't see your comments anywhere on HuffPo. As we know, that doesn't mean you weren't there.

I'm done with it, though. The whole site. Just done. I can't be bothered to read it, or the comments, when I know they and their sources cannot be trusted.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Rost:

Stop blogging for the weekend!! We don't really want to see you getting your blogging privilege at home revoked and seeing you ended up in a public library... *grins*

Here's my comment I've "tried" to post at HuffPo in that particular blog entry:


Wow... what can you expect... a whitewashing campaign is underway??

Now, this above line of comments, as most other readers would agree, would qualify greatly as "trolling", effectively making me a "troll".

You've kept mentioning how Andy Yaco-Mink is a nice person in real life, and yet it seems you're trying (extremly hard) to make everyone ignore what he was/did as a commentator: He was a troll, who trolled several of Rost's post, making him a trolling troll.

His status of being the Tech Manager at HuffPo only made it worse. Now, not only is he a trolling troll, but also a moleing mole (sp.?).

The fact now that you're posting to defend him makes you a whitewashing whitewasher.

And a very bad one I must say, as you've done nothing to rebuke Dr. Rost's claim regarding the nearly zero communication between the "editors" and him prior to his booting as well as any evidence proving the validity of Arianna's "lying liar" post.

All I got for this post was that Andy Yaco-Mink was a nice young man according to his superior (you, the tech director).

Sarcastic comments with some backing = Nice sarcastic comments

Sarcastic comments that's a total waste of webspace = trolling

Oh, and by the way, if what you've said about how Andy Yaco-Mink never tried to hide who he was... then why even complaining the Doctor's posting of his true identity and informations he himself left on the internet for people to freely dig up?

Have you even actually read Dr. Rost's post entry in its entirity? You know, the one which, while having scary and potentially inflaming title, didn't really accuse anyone of anything, but rather posting fact(s) as well as giving the HuffPo friendly advice?

And I wonder if my comment will ever show up, since they do seem to dispear quite frequently whenever I have something to say about Arianna or the whole situation...

Look at the bright side Doc... Now you would get a fair boot to your site's traffic *wink*

Anonymous said...

I guess that would be a back of the left hand apology. We were all wrong about poor Andy..he was just young and annoyed!
Doc you should have just taken your medicine and gone away like a good boy. How dare you defend yourself after being summarily dismissed by the wunderkind tech lords of Puffhost?
Does anybody get the feeling that the real problem over there is that the children are running the nursery?
Until now, none of them would even own up to the obvious inherent conflict of having a tech trash a contributor like that. Arriana herself only saw a problem with the editor pulling the column too fast.
Whoever runs the place should take some of the money they are spending on techs and hire a few newspaper people…..and maybe a few lawyers as well

Anonymous said...

rev joker,
I wouldn't brand all the posters of that site because of the actions of what most likely is just Jonah and his crew. I posted a comment about this issue on Bob Cesca's post yesterday (I like reading his stuff) and not only did it post instantly, it made it to the top of reader favorites. It's still there, though my ibot account is now banned. Maybe we should encourage all bloggers on the post to do what the doc as done - get their own blog and cross post. That way, we can all go to their blogs directly (not giving Huffpo our traffic) and they can still tap into the millions of people the Huffpo attracts.

I think that would be the best way to do this.

The huffpo is what it is because of the contributers. I don't think 1-2 million people would visit the site monthly to just to read about Arianna's bullshit. I doubt she carries even a fraction of the traffic - certainly not no 10%.

If we can get all the bloggers we like, the ones we used to go to that site to read, to do exactly what the doc did (cross post), then we can still read them without Huffpo getting a dime for our interest. After all, our interest was not the Huffpo, but the contents within. Why shouldn't the content writers get to collect on the fruits of THIER labor?

I think this is an excellent idea. I think Jonah did more than shoot himself in the foot, he took a shotgun blast to the crotch.

Thanks for illuminating the way assholes. If we can convince every popular blogger (by definition, the ones drawing traffic) to do what the doc did (the seperate cross-posted blog thing, not the whistleblowing thing), then it's a win win for everyone except the post. Because what really is the post? It's like a parasite. It's like everyone who actually makes the site valuable is just slave labor and the masters get to jet around the world and hob nob with celebrities, politicials, business moguls, oil tycoons, arms dealers, and whatever other unsavory but rich assholes we have in this society with the money they make from our work. And now they are treating us like retarded children?

Anonymous said...

Should we be asking for the resignation of Jane Smiley too? Damn shame. I like her writings too.

Anonymous said...

I'm really having trouble with the way Jonah (or, as he calls himself, JP) is replying...

A certain person commented that it's more like a dispute between two employees, and he came in and poped the magic line...

"Rost was never an employee of HuffPost."

That's like... Duh... don't we know that?

Here is my comment that may or may not appear over there:

JP, while Dr. Rost is not on the retainer, we should both agree that his status/relationship with HuffPo is almost like a "Special Consultant" (not getting paid though). Ergo, he's an employee, with the employer (HuffPo) having a say on whether he should stay or leave.

Stop playing on words, please...

Anonymous said...

Am I right in understanding that the blog writers get paid nothing except for Arianna? That's disgusting!

A website costs at most $100/month to rent and then she probably pays her "staff" a little above minimum wage. they're just there for the experience before moving on. So Arianna is likely making $1,000,000 or more a year in pure profit from the advertisements. Wow, wonder if she donates any of that money to charity.

Anonymous said...

Poster Above:

Yes, you're right, the bloggers get paid nothing by the HuffPo (at least to my knowledge... I could be wrong though, but according to Dr. Rost's other posts about how he's "unemployed" atm, I'd say that's a fact).

That's why JP was playing on words about how Dr. Rost isn't an employee to begin with...

Anonymous said...

Reaniel, They posted your comment but never mine. Sniff....congrats! Let's see how long it stays up.

They also put Love's blogpost back up but the comments in that are way edited.

Rev. L. said...

I wouldn't brand all the posters of that site because of the actions of what most likely is just Jonah and his crew.

Mmm...yeah, I know, but we don't really know how deep this sort of thing runs. They have suppressed more than a dozen of my own comments. Nothing I've posted regarding this matter has gotten through and as such we honestly don't know how much of that has always been going on. Why suppress us? Why us and not the obvious trolls such as bradley and GEAH?

Hypothesis? They are HuffPo employee trolls put there to stir up trouble to prompt reader responses to ensure a certain level of traffic.

They are the rabbit, we are the dogs.

A few days ago, I would have dismissed that idea completely out of hand, but today...I don't know anymore. Today that idea seems reasonable based on what we have all seen here.

Scratch a lie, find a thief.

Anonymous said...

Here's a sample letter everyone should be sending to all bloggers on huffypoo:

I am writing to inform you of the questionable policies and actions of the Huffington Post regarding the matter of Dr. Rost's post exposing a troll to be the Huffinton Post's own technology manager Andy Yaco-Mink.

Troll and staff postings aside, I think any rational person can agree that allowing someone who has FULL control of the servers to post nasty comments (or any comments for that matter) is a serious conflict of interest to say the very least. This is especially true when you consider that this person has more than enough access to not only change comment rankings, but even the comments themselves. They have certainly been busy deleting any comments critical of the HP's position on this matter the last 3 days. Try posting an anonymous test comment to one of Arianna's blogs if you're not convinced.

I am not requsting that you take a public position on this matter - I realize how essential keeping a good relationship with them is for the purpose of getting the widest possible audience for your work. But you must also acknowledge that you are basically working for no pay but your work actually equates to traffic for the site which equates to ad revenue for Arianna, which she definitely collects, of which you get squat. Just so you know, the average rate they charge for a homepage ad is $120,000-$145,000 per month. They got 6 figures from JWT for just this one week of ads. This info is all verifiable through news sources.

If you're not so happy now, that's understandable. Let me be clear. I support you. The reason we all go to HP is because we want to read your blogs. I doubt Arianna alone can carry even 1% of the traffic. So if she's getting paid millions for your work, something is fundamentally wrong. You should get paid for your own work.

My suggestion is, do what Dr. Rost started doing before he became too popular (10% of site traffic) and they had to fire him. Make your own blog page and cross-post everything. That way you can still get the HP readers, and all of us who are now boycotting the HP can still read your material. Not only that, our interest (and traffic) in what you write will equate monetarily to you and not Arianna. I think we can all agree Arianna has enough money.

I think it's clear that this is a win win situation for everyone involved except the Post. Knowing what we now know about the Post, it would be immoral for us to keep trafficking the site.

Now that I've explained the carrot part, I'll give you the stick:

If you don't post anywhere but the HuffPo, we have no choice but to boycott you as well.

Anonymous said...

I've stopped reading HuffPro because of this.

I can't see how Rost's posts were out of line. I found the "who's watching me" blog posts to be VERY on topic in our days of the governement spying on everyone. I didn't think he was being paranoid, despite the "am I Crazy Paranoid . . . ?" post title. That was HUMOR. I think there are a bunch of group-think liberals with no sense of humor. And that scares just as group-think Replicans who are in charge now (who scare me more, because they are in power).

It's a bit alarming to me how people can read Rost's post and so dramatically mis-characterize them.

Even posting the pictures of yaocminsk was fair -- because you could hae just posted the link to his flickr feed (and surely anyone can find it if they look). It's like OMG! I put things on the internet and SOMEONE LINKED TO THEM! (Which oddly enough, is what a comment of Yaco's said.) That was not an invasion of privacy.

And, reading "yacomink", I thought it was a handle, not a name. So to me, he is an "anoymous troll". (Much as I'm purposely an Anonymous poster, mainly as I'm too lazy to have a real web presence.) He didn't post as "Andy Yaco-Mink", or, as it should have been enforced, "Andy Yaco-Mink, employee of Huffington Post".

Until someone over at HuffPro takes a step and admits that they handled this wrong, and needlessly smeared Dr. Rost, and stops with the lying corporate double-speak, I have no use for them. I've removed them from my RSS feed. I can get my news and comments from somewhere with more morals or honesty. I suspect that O'reilly at least knows that he's a snake, and I know he's a snake, so at least I can filter. I think these bozos think they are right. I'll take that from evil corporations like Fox news (and filter), but Huffington Post is supposedly better than that. I've only got so much time in my day to read things, and now, they aren't worth my time.

The recent "apology" from Jonah Peretti was more of the same. He should have said, "I wasn't doing my job". And, in all of this, Andy has not yet apologized to Peter. And really, neither has anyone at the Huffington Post. They have never said, "We are sorry that one of our employees was leaving trollish comments on your blog." (And, "you write like an Eigth Grader." is a comment from a troll, not someone commenting on the CONTENT of a post.)

Yeah, Yaco-Minks ("nice young man") apologized before Jonah could ask -- but not before he was CALLED, and it was OBVIOUS that he was in a bunch of trouble. So it doesn't amount to much. Nor, was he punished in any way for being a troll. Heck, Jonah couldn't even call his behavior what it was.

Ariana is either lying or (more likely) she wasn't told the full story and she didn't bother to find out the story for herself. And both are bad. In this case, the honor of her endevor was called into question. She should have taken the time to research this and read it all herself.

I want to see a REAL apology from Ariana, explaining why she made such mis-statements. I want to see Yaco-Mink officially reprimanded (it was not a 'minor faux pax"). I want to see him apologize to the readers and to Peter Rost. I want the double-speak to stop. It makes Huffington Post look bad everytime they do it.

BTW, Dr. Rost, you are on my check list, because You've made me laugh, and let me into somethings I didn't know, or not yet fully looked into. You have value, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

So Perretti stopped posting my comments altogether. As I became more challenging of his opinion he just stopped. The comments that are allowed are relatively soft. That's it. I agree with Cerebrus. I have only so much time in the day and HuffPo is not where I'll be choosing to spend any of it anymore.

Anonymous said...

So Perretti stopped posting my comments altogether. As I became more challenging of his opinion he just stopped. The comments that are allowed are relatively soft. That's it. I agree with Cerebrus. I have only so much time in the day and HuffPo is not where I'll be choosing to spend any of it anymore.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating discussion. Some things never change. Corporate money is more important?

In a way that doesn't make sense. IF Arianna understood the entire situation and had bothered HERSELF to investigate everything I have a feeling we would be seeing Yakko the wakko posting JOB WANTED ads on

But this left handed "apology" is somewhat of a joke.

I still stand by the belief that Peter should have apologized, fired Yakko, brought the Doctor back with fanfare and an apology.

That the doc is interested in who is trafficking at Huffpost and at his site is exactly what the doc was famous for. FINDING OUT INFORMATION AND BRINGING IT TO THE PUBLIC.

Huffpost needs to be spanked and spanked hard. I can only hope that with the public's short attention span that this at least makes people realize they are not seeing an honest site.

As well I am beginning to believe that Huffpost is paying trolls to stir things up for the controversy.

It appears certain posters have NEVER been censored or removed no matter how offensive they get. GEAH is one of them along with a good half a dozen or more.

Things that make you go hmmmmmmm.

Dishonesty from a liberal site is only making liberals/progressives such as myself think badly of them. One can only imagine what the rightwing blots and sites are saying.

A field day I would imagine.

Anonymous said...

I lost track of a thought I was going after.

When I started the thought about Arianna and corporate money getting in the way, where I forgot to continue was this thought.

HAD Arianna apologized to the DR. and the announced the firing of Yakko the wakko for stepping way over the line and realizng there are paid trolls going there which destroys her credibility and fired those or blocked them completely, AND had a few words with her partner, I think her traffic would have INCREASED thus increasing revenue.

BUT by going into Bush/Karl Rove mode, she hurt herself. I can't tell what traffic is, but even if it stays the same, her creds are hurt badly and this will reflect on future endeavours.

Oh jeez I sort of got carried away.

I meant to say BLOG instead of BLOT, although to be honest BLOT seems to work better for rightwing sites.

Oh geez I crack myself up.

Anonymous said...

Hi Rose,
I'm pretty sure traffic didn't change today, but I bet it starts sliding continously over the next week. I even had to give them some traffic today to see what they were saying. If they keep spewing the same crap into next week though, I'm pretty sure people will stop going for the same bullshit.

I also sent some letters to bloggers encouraging them to make their own blogs where they can cross-post their HuffPo contributions. Their incentive, of course, is keeping our readership as well as moving in a direction where they can get paid for their own work instead of giving it to Arianna.

Also an interesting thought I had yesterday. I was thinking the Doc here singlehandedly damaged the reputation of HuffPo more than any rightwing organization could have ever hoped. Then I started thinking, what if the Doc is a double agent for Rendon? But today, I realized something really weird. When something like this occurs, you normally would expect every major rightwing blog or media outlet would be screaming about it every second at the top of their lungs. Isn't it strange how quiet they all are? Who is in bed with who, you have to wonder.

Anonymous said...


Have you been banned from HuffPo or decided merely not to post there any more?

Anonymous said...


Also, notice that it said "HuffPost staff" will never make critical comments on contributor blog posts...

You see the word "HuffPost staff"?

As JP continues to play on the "not-an-employee" word-game, this could mean that they won't have people on the "direct" payroll to post again... but for those NOT on the payroll or outside contractors... post on?

(In JP's logic, if you're not paying them, or that they're not directly under HuffPo's payroll, or listed as an employee, they won't be held/considered as an actual employee).

Anonymous said...

I can't post anymore. Changed the name though. But have only posted once. It never made the cut.

Anonymous said...

They locked my account out this morning too. I made a new one called fuhuffpo. I didn't need to disguise my ip. I've posted a few times today. Jonah posted one, but not the 4 following. That one made it to reader fav. What's fucked up is the first one ends with "you'd be a coward to not print this" or something to that effect, so he prints it like he's some fair and balanced guy, but the next few were taking him to task on why he wasn't answering the accusations made in the first email. Of course those weren't printed. These guys are pathetic.

Anonymous said...


I've posted total of four comments on JP's entry as well... and guess what? Only one of them showed up...

And yes, I'm glad it made to the user's favorite as well... w00t...

Anonymous said...

is it normal that this Jonah guy is editing people's comments to add lame excuses???

Anonymous said...

Even though I can't argue with "lame", I would argue with "editing". He's answering, not editing. I can't imagine any other way than him going into the comments and adding his response.

--different anonymous

Anonymous said...

And now all links referring to this subject have been removed from HuffPost...

Anonymous said...

It's just really aggravating to see people accuse (rightly) organizations like Fox (for which there is no better comparison than some sort of Nazi propaganda arm) then turn around and do the exact same things they do when it is their ass on the line. You gotta call a spade a spade.

Anonymous said...

HuffingtonPost is censured.

On many occasions, posts left have never appeared. In all cases they were politically critical. (No vulgarity) And they never appeared. Trivial responses nearly always do.

Either HuffingtonPost is staffed by trivial minds or there is a deeper purpose here.

I dont trust HuffingtonPost or as a result Arriana Huffington as a result.


Anonymous said...

Peretti didn't have the balls to publish what I wrote about this and I used nary a 4 letter word.

Anonymous said...

Doc Rost

I must be a spammer and/or a troll, because I posted back to Jonah yesterday evening that Yuco is indeed unethical and needs to be fired immediately, but the comment never appeared. Oh well, I'm done with those self-important asses.

Anonymous said...

What yaco-mink was doing was bulllying, period.

And when there is a bully in the house, someone else always gets scapegoated.

btw - Jonah is now editing comments. I made a remark about Arianna's money coming from her republican ex honey and he inserted his own reply in my comment!

One could say it was "ad hominum" but it is also true. And when she and her staff are behaving in the mode of a republican hammer, it is relevant. Says something about the mindset.

Anonymous said...

Roger and rosethejet,

You are not the only ones who have noticed that feature.

And you are completely right that is unacceptable & unprofessional. I received this in my email blind-copied:

"From: Space for Dissidents(Don)
To: Rlsally@
Date: Jun 24, 2006 9:44 AM
Subject: Re: To the Huffington Post: My observation.

It is not just the accusation that someone had access to Dr. Rost's email. Which actually did happen.

"But I guess I must have offended the technology gods in the universe by writing about one of them. Shortly after my press release went out, my email account was blocked, and then my internet and phone service stopped working.

Today I got the explanation when Hotmail wrote the following to me:

"Thank you for writing to MSN Hotmail Technical Support.

This is Erickson and you mentioned that your account has been locked because you sent a lot of e-mail messages. I know how important it is to regain access to your account. Please let me assist you.

We have checked your and were able to find out the cause of the problem. Your account has been closed because it is possible that an unauthorized person may have accessed your account and sent messages to your contacts."

At least my hotmail account is up and working again. On Saturday a technician will come and try to find out why my internet connection doesn't work. I hope he doesn't know that the technology gods have put a spell on me since I wrote that blog . . ."

It is the combination of these things, and the fact a member of professional staff actually followed someone and in a manner of speaking "stalked" them by commenting on every living word the man breathed.

I just find that highly unusual, not to mention incredibly creepy and unprofessional for staff to do. And as well, there is the fact that censorship of this type does not extend to simply Dr. Rost. I have evidence here, that it is going on with many others and that they too are being blocked or "followed" by staff members.

They are complaining to the fact that their posts are removed before even being able to finish, and their posting priveledges revoked.

From: James Morris
Thank you for forwarding this as has been banning me from posting about the Mearsheimer/Walt paper as well (posts such as the following one and similar):

Why aren't we discussing this Mearsheimer/Walt segment on the pro-Israel lobby which aired on C-SPAN's 'Washington Journal' this morning?: ... wrote:"

This is all we are asking for is an investigation of the matter. Controversial topics or not, staff members should not be permitted to simply remove them and ban people at their very whim. Especially when the "abuse" feature can be gamed by using Mozilla Firefox. For people who don't want to debate the out of control AIPAC lobby, for instance they can openly claim the commentators are racist and refresh to hit abuse.

And when someone hits abuse, they are not able to do it only once. I think this is something the Administrators are not aware of. You can hit each button as many times as you like. In fact I, with absolutely no experience was able to hit refresh and push the "Abuse" button a total of 459 times until the post I didn't agree with was removed.

The fact that this is even possible, is extra-ordinary! The only way this can be such a constant annoyance is if the Technology staff programmed this feature in. In no other website, have I seen the ability to rig the rankings to your advantage.

All the best as always, but I surely hope they take it seriously.


On 6/23/06, Rlsally@ wrote:

No one ever had access to Peter's email. I don't know what you are referring to. With regard to the rest of your concerns, we'll keep you posted the best we can.

"Those who cast their votes decide nothing, those who count the votes decide everything."
"It's all over except for the counting...And we'll take care of the counting."

R. King, Washington in 2003

Democracy will never falter to the fascist rule of law."

I found out even Patrick Fitzgerald noticed the security hole. On top of being able to vote your own comments up, you can use a proxy address and then hit refresh. It begs the question of whom designed this feature to begin with, and whether it was intentional.

You can then hit the "Best Of" buttons an infinite amount of times making it look like your IP address came from all over the country.

Sure, I bet some of these votes are real people who happen to be online. But the very fact the rest of them are likely the same person, is what makes the Huffington Post such a sorry sham.

Rigged voting in the USA and now Rigged voting for the self-serving a*holes in the blogosphere. I'm sure that is their biggest credibility problem, right there.

They need to fire the tech-staff and eliminate that security hole, because as it stands now, johnny-come-lately troll can REMOVE just about any post they see on the website!!!!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

They are censoring anything on Israel because, the Zionists know the jig is up thats obvious.

Israel and the Zionists can't hide or play the blame game now that they've ruined our country, via neocon intervention.

Those losers are all the same now, just like the trolls such as returnofdrevil2, Al Rogers, Nan Ellen of the Daily "KOS" propaganda press.


Very much agree with the above.. My HPCensoringBigTime Username was just banned at for posting on pages 1 and 2 of the comments at about the Zionist war for Israel agenda and the Mearsheimer/Walt paper on the pro-Israel lobby segment which aired on C-SPAN's 'Washington Journal' program this past Friday..

Abraham Foxman (of the ADL) was hammered hard by the caller (a lady with the Brit accent calling from London) on C-SPAN's 'Washington Journal' this morning as she mentioned the USS Liberty attack/cover-up ( and Paul Findley's 'There Dare to Speak Out' book and Jim Bamford's 'A Pretext for War' book as well (both the Mearsheimer/Walt and Abraham Foxman segments can be viewed online via the links at the following URL):,WJE&ArchiveDays=30

Here is the tiny URL for the above one:

Additional at following URLs about how MSNBC's Keith Olbermann dissed the Mearsheimer/Walt paper:

MSNBC's Olbermann Disses Mearsheimer and Walt Critique:

Anonymous said...

I got banned again minutes after posting the following at via and other blog entries there (incredible censorship still going on as mentioned prior):

JINSA/PNAC Neocon Richard Perle: Why Did Bush Blink on Iran?:

Anonymous said...

I wrote: "is it normal that this Jonah guy is editing people's comments to add lame excuses???"

He wrote: "Even though I can't argue with "lame", I would argue with "editing". He's answering, not editing. I can't imagine any other way than him going into the comments and adding his response."

first It is not something the other bloggers are doing, and second, if the person who posted the original comment cannot edit it and answer back, it's an obvious issue of asymmetrical power; and it is disturbing, because you can imagine him changing the wording, or deleting this or that part of the comment, without possibility of correction...