Wednesday, June 28, 2006

How to Make Billions and Cause 27,000 Heart Attacks

One of my favorite blogs is PharmaGossip. Today this site republished a story written for Salon, about Merck and the Vioxx scandal.

This piece is so well written, almost like a thriller, and scary, so if you've had abstinence symptoms because I had less time to focus on pharma in the last week, due to the HuffPuff Troll scandal, here you can get your cravings satisfied.

You really, really, should go and read the entire story about How Merck stacked the Vioxx deck.

And by the way, if you haven't had enough of the HuffPuff Troll story, you can go to HuffPost's Yaco-Mink Exposed as Big Pharma Shill and find another enlighting account about what transpired.


Anonymous said...

on the PharmaGossip blogsite article there is a sidebar referring to Actonel. Be alert to the Actonel issue, and related medications. Actonel may cause a number of frightening symptoms, such as RA, which turns out to be gout, swelling, bleeding, even heart attack. Some of these symptoms were described by the arthritis foundation in a request for information about the drug.

Anonymous said...

I am probably going to sound like a terrible broken record today, but this is just further proof that the love of money is the root of all evil.

We have a pervasive atmosphere of evil in this country and as trite as it may seem, somedays I think the Gordon Gecko character actually was more of a inspiration to people than a turn off.

Greed is Good was his creed.

We have lost all perspective of what is right in order to justify this hunt for more money.

As well it shows what sheep we have become by buying into this bullshiite. I've seen ads lately that make me want to hunt down the advertisers and manufacturers and throttle them.


You HAVE got to be kidding me and people are going to their doctors and asking for this?

Sheeple indeed.

Anonymous said...


Some people do have Restless Legs Syndrome which is a very painful condition that can really disturb sleep. However most people don't and that's the point. The marketing of that drug is targeted at everyone who just doesn't get a good night's sleep.