Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The Full Picture

Some of my readers have worked hard, putting together the full picture in my Huffington Post saga.

They have also mentioned this in the replies to this blog, so I thought I'd assist by posting the data more prominently

This is what "Reaniel" created:

You may need to use your browser page tool and zoom up to 400%, or simply download and view to scroll the entire timeline.

You may also want to compare this with the data in Mike Brereton's blog.


Anonymous said...

I got my 3rd account banned from posting today. All I did was post a nice and civil note to Arianna and some of her bloggers calling them Pfizer whores. Oh well. I guess I have to make some more accounts. I'm actually finding this to be therapeutic. I start the day by checking to see if there's an apology, and when I see there isn't one, I let em have it. No point in not trying to get banned. At least whoever has to censor and ban me gets to read what's on my mind. I was especially nasty to Marty Kaplan today. I think I posted something like:

"When you were a child and people asked you what you wanted to be when you grow up, did you correctly say a Pfizer whore?"

I know it's mean. I just like thinking about those smug bastards having to read shit like this everyday.

Anonymous said...

OH Bebop,

THAT is hilarious. Good on ya!

I've tried to post similar items but with a softer hand. Just to get the message out even in a small way

shooter said...

Dr.Rost, all this Yock-A-Pock, or whatever, business is far beyond my capabilities to understand. Plus there are a growing number of sharp, tech-savvy people on the trail. So you all don't need my help.
However, for many, maybe most of us, the problem has been the total, shameless, and arbitrary methodology they use for posting comments. The enjoyment for us should have been to read the many sincere comments and be able to participate in a timely manner. Even the occasional trolls could be easily scrolled past and ignored.
In the beginning many of my posts, in all humility, received some wonderful, deeply moving responses. Many
exhorted me to make the rounds of other Blogs to spread, what they thought, were important subjects.
But as time went on, I couldn't help but notice that there was no rhyme or reason when my comments would be posted. I began e-mailing their "contact us" link and inquired, politely, if they were having technical or overload problems. I found out, many, many e-mails later that they never respond. Also, I discovered, schmuck that I am, that they consider ANY inquiry a complaint. I was then placed on their "Post Him When The Traffic Dies Down and You're Through Filing Your Nails, Your Tune On the I-Pod Stuck In Your Ear is Over, and You've Adjusted the Chrome Nut and Bolt Drilled Through Your Tounge...list." And even if it's the next day, always place it in time sequence to completely screw up the thought and chronology process.
"Laura Bush is a Fu***ng C**T got on, no problem. Frank Rich of the New York Times is a "Jewboy," also, no problem. Asking when my comment will be posted, banned for life.

Anonymous said...

First, Reaniel great job!

Second, yes the comments. I can't say that I posted frequently but I did post over time erratically and what I'd noticed in the past few months only is that my comments were never making it on. I didn't use profanity or personally attack anyone in their precious online community. My opinion was just different than the blogger's and well thought out, not coarse or obtuse. Perhaps that's the type of opinion that HuffPo finds most frightening to maintaining control of their minions, an opinion that is open to a civilized discussion.

When I briefly went on HuffPo today, the amount of creaming over Arianna's writing frankly got me nauseated and I left.

Shame, HuffPo had potential but it's beginning to remind of a process akin to foot binding from the Far East. You start out with a normal healthy foot and bind it so that it doesn't grow but stays in the exact shape that you desire. What you get in the end is a crippled foot that dresses up nicely in a shoe but can't bear any weight and is incapable of walking.

Anonymous said...

Arianna is a Hollywood whore. All Hollywood whores have a Public Relations person managing their public image. It would seem logical that these guys would want to shape her image on her blog (where is is most promenient) by shaping comments. It all makes sense. Even before this whole fiasco, the only blogger whose comments section was hit or miss for me was her's. I almost always got posted on other sections. If I didn't I knew why. :)

I wonder which PR company represents Arianna. I wonder if Pfizer has the same one. Anyone?

Anonymous said...

Goddammit. I started reading this and had to vomitin my mouth.

Anonymous said...

I don't know about Keith. He's right on most issues, but he's wrong on one critical issue. I'm not sure if he's kissing NBC ass or if that's what he really believes, but anyone who openly tries to discredit the Mearsheimer/Walt article is either seriously misinformed, crazy, a traitor, or all of the above. A lot of people working for AIPAC should be tried and executed for treason:

It's not difficult to attack Bush these days. Look at the polls. Letterman and Leno have been doing it for a while now. That's mainstream. Even Republican Congress whores are doing it. And who doesn't know Rush is an asshole? It's not like he's informing people who need to be informed. I don't think most trailer trash rednecks can afford cable. He's just preaching to the choir. Whoopdeeedo. Maybe he should go back to doing sports.

Anonymous said...

The more I read comments at Huffingpost, the more I am convinced half the posters are employees. The troll warz are just rediculous. I've never seen a single site with such poor managment.

I go to a few sites, but they have the same posters and we get into it pretty evenly and only one or two people cross the line regularly. In fact just two sites do this, not to say there aren't more, I just don't know them.

Bill Maher's site

and The History Channel.

The History Channel has some pretty nasty fights but there is no doubt about who you are debating with. They have been the same two dozen or so people for years and we go around and around and around.

No point to it, but there is some pretty amazing arguments on both sides. I've actually learned quite a bit from that site just reading the opinions and links given.

Most of the guys there go out of their way to try and prove their argument,unlike the moronz over at Huffingpost who have to make up trollz to keep interest going.


Anonymous said...

Is it me or are all bloggers now censoring posts related to Dr. Rost? Besides the nasty ones, I do post civil ones to bloggers I like. I posted two that didn't show up today. I don't see any as a matter of fact. I wonder if the bloggers were told to not respond. Or maybe they are personally looking over all comments now because some bloggers (like Bob Cesca) are allowing these comments. I won't be sure until I try to comment on Bob's next post.

Anonymous said...

Oh man. More irony for the day. This article by Arianna back in 2001 attacks drug companies. In it she says:

"But bamboozling the American public on the way to massive profits only earns you a slap on the wrist."

I guess that's the lesson she learned. Whore.

Anonymous said...

I posted one of those civil comments to Scheer today. He's the co-host of the radio program Left, Right, and Center on KCRW along with Arianna. Odds are, he has shares. My comment basically said short term, it might be a good business move to employ trolls to boost site traffic, but given the state of affairs now, isn't it time they come clean and salvage what's left of their reputation? I also said sticking your head in the sand won't make this go away. My comment didn't post. I'm assuming he's a Pfizer whore along with Love, Peretti, Kaplan, and Shearer.

Anonymous said...

Holy shit. I don't think I want to dig any deeper. So I was trying to figure out if there were any connections between Pfizer's PR army and the HuffPo. So I read this:
and they name the firm Burson Marsteller and Alex Castellanos of National Media. You can google those yourself and verify what assholes they are (especially Alex).

I also found another PR company intimate with Pfizer:

So I do a search for APCO on the HuffPo and run into this:

An ex-VP? Hmmm...

I also noticed that APCO was founded by Margery Kraus. I searched for Kraus on the HuffPo and got this:

Are they sisters???

And it's weird that both those people have only blogged once each on the site.

Then I run into this cunt. Excuse my French. This article made me poop myself a little:

I think if I keep digging, I'll find something my brain won't be able to deal with and my head might explode. So I leave the rest to all the readers here.

Anonymous said...

I agree with you. But at the same time, I think Keith is being used to manipulate us as well. Kinda like NBC throwing us a bone. Imagine how popular someone like that would in on a network show given all the polls about how people really feel? Why is he the only one and why at MSNBC? You know rednecks don't watch MSNBC. I think we're being played.

Anonymous said...

I live in Cali. Never been to Texas. I've flown over it many times enroute to NY. I do have friends who are originally from Texas and a lot of them have told me you can nuke all of Texas minus Austin. I'm assuming you're not in Austin, so I guess not all people outside of Austin in Texas are morons. But from what you're saying, a good majority of them are. That's pretty sad.

Regarding your candidates, I found this article that might help you:

If you want to know more about Nick Lampson, go here:

If you do go work for him, try to convince him not to support the occupation of Palestine. That is definitely bad for America and Americans.

Anonymous said...

Also, I used to listen to Rush, Fox, CNN, et al. thinking I needed to know what the enemy was thinking/saying. I don't now for 2 reasons:

1) I don't want to give them ratings which garners them more ad revenue and more power.

2) They keep saying the same shit and me knowing or not knowing what they're saying doesn't really change anything. I find when I debate rednecks about political issues, I can always make them look incredibly stupid regardless of me not having previous knowledge of their position.

Spend your time informing yourself of the issues that you want to be informed about. Don't let them dictate what's important. I could really care less about all the people who get kidnapped on cruise ships unless it's me or someone I know.

Anonymous said...

Sweet. You're very welcome. I knew there had to be sane people outside of Austin. KPFT looks like our version of KPFK here in LA and KPFA which I used to listen to in Berkeley. They're all part of the pacifica radio network (

I only mentioned the occupation thing because I looked up Lampson's rating (from interest groups) on the issue and it wasn't that good. But the last rating was 2003 so who knows now.

These days I find myself wanting to know more and more which politicians favor the interests of the Israel over the interests of the US (I feel like I'm hunting spys). I think the former should all be deported to Israel so they can practice their politics in the country they have primary allegence to. Yes, Lieberman, I mean you. If you really look at why we're in Iraq, if you look at the clusterfuck that is middle east policy, if you listened to Osama's reason for attacking us, then it should all be crystal clear why. And I know AIPAC, JINSA, AEI, the ADL, and all those Likud apologists will call me an anti-semite. I don't care. They're not only digging their own graves, they're digging graves for sane Jews and a shitload of Gentiles alike. You have to stand up to injustice.

Also, I should clarify that Israel is divided over the occupation issue (the right for, left against). The influence mongers they planted in this country are STRICTLY for the right (Likud). There is actually way more open debate on this issue in Israel than here in America! Isn't that fucking insane? This video, if you haven't seen it yet, is very illuminating:

Regarding the war, this video is very illuminating as well:

Anonymous said...

Also, I love Molly Ivins, but she's not from Houston. She is from... you guessed it, Austin.

You know, if you move here to Cali, it's exactly the opposite of Texas. If you drove around with a Bush/Cheney bumpersticker, there's a pretty good chance someone will fuck up your car. There are places in San Diego and Orange County where most of the residents are employed by weapons manufacturers and they support the hand that feeds them, but for the most part the state is not pro war.

Anonymous said...

Robert Fisk is all over that video. You'll see. That man knows what's up. And not from some academic philosophical bullshit point of view either. He actually goes there and lives through it while he's reporting. You'll see. He totally gets into it. You'll like his point about the dangers of Likud apologists labeling everyone an anti-semite as a propaganda tool. And yes, I listen to and watch Amy Goodman. She is an exemplary American and I'm very proud of her. I'm trying to remember which documentry I saw her in recently. I'll post if I remember.

Anonymous said...

Whawhawhat??? The Federal Reserve is a for profit private corporation and not a government institution? I'm getting really depressed...

Anonymous said...

this video starts slow but really picks up. I'm about half way through.

Anonymous said...

I was reading a post over at huffingpost and ran across this statement. Pretty funny. The fight ain't over yet.

::"If any one of you pathetic moonbats take the time to read the article, Senator Delay never said Plame was not a CIA agent. He merely suggested that as CIA Agent, she was not on the job. I hope you libloons would support our government instead of trashing it all the time.

By: ChucklingRepublican

Well, chuckles, looks like you...

AW DAMMIT! WHO AM I KIDDING? I'll never work for Huffington Post as Technology Editor! Drats!"::

Anonymous said...

Wow. I thought I had a fair grasp of US history. I guess not. I'm really depressed now.

That might just have been the most depressing 3 hrs ever.

Anonymous said...

"You know, if you move here to Cali, it's exactly the opposite of Texas. If you drove around with a Bush/Cheney bumpersticker, there's a pretty good chance someone will fuck up your car."

Never been to Kern county, eh? You run a progressive bumper sticker in Tehachapi or Bakersfield and you are risking your life.

Anonymous said...

I don't really consider Kern county or Bakersfield a real metropolitan city. I do go there a lot to fish. Basically to get away from the city. I've lived in NoCal and SoCal and it is decidedly progressive.