Friday, June 30, 2006

Drivers on phones "as bad as drunks"

I live in a suburban area with lots of towering SUVs and the women who drive them are always on the phone.

Literally always. In a way I'm impressed, I mean, isn't it impressive to have so many people to talk to? But now the truth is out.

A new Univeristy of Utah study indicates that people who talk on mobile phones while driving are as impaired as drunk drivers.

Overall, three drivers out of 40 test persons crashed into the car in front. All were talking on mobile phones. None were drunk.

The researchers pointed out that while none of the drunk drivers crashed, their hard, late braking is 'predictive of increased accident rates over the long run'.

Read the full results here.


Anonymous said...

That "drives" me crazy as well. (Sorry I couldn't help it.) I've only had a couple of close calls myself and the last two were as I was pulling out of our driveway. We live right near a corner here in Solvang, and we always back into our driveway now. When we pull out we do so slowly and we've had two people coming around the corner paying no attention and came within a foot or so of hitting us.

Both times were women, not to sound sexist, but I see it more with them than men by a large factor.

I've seen people pull in front of us on the highway missing us by mere feet because they are so busy talking on the phone.

I've been guilty of it myself but if the call is going to last more than a few moments, I will pull over. I know I can't drive with a phone glued to my ear.

I'll check to see who's calling and usually ignore them until I can check the message or call them back.

Drives me nuts to see it all the time. I've seen people pull out of their driveways ALREADY ON THE PHONE!

Anonymous said...

This is exactly the reason why I don't believe in cell phones... =P

You won't believe the amount of people with a cell in hand walking/driving/eating/whatever all over my campus (I'm a College Student).

While I do own a cell, I rarely turn it on (the only exception would be when I need to use it, or when I'm actually expecting an important call).

It's already hard to concentrate when you're talking to someone next to you... how can you be safe at all when you are both talking AND having one hand off the wheel?

Anonymous said...

I once passed a driver on the freeway with a cig in the left hand and a cell in right hand. Yep, you guessed it. They were steering with their knees!

Anonymous said...

I believe it's going to be illegal soon in California. I remember reading something about the passage of some state law recently. If you're stopped by the CHP and you don't have two hands on the wheel you can get at least a $500 fine now, that is at least according to my teenage son who's studying for his driving test now.

Anonymous said...

myth busters did something to prove this point a while ago. i'm glad it is being studied on something other than novelty shows ^_^

Anonymous said...

Hey-- men, women and teens are on those phones. Word of the wise, keep on your older teens about getting more sleep, mine just rolled his truck on the way to work at 5am because he nodded off. Thank God, his co-worker friend and him always wear seat belts.

This 18 year old is one of the best kids around but 5 or 6 hours of sleep doesn't cut it. No alcohol, drugs, cigs or trouble. The kid just doesn't get enough sleep.