Monday, June 26, 2006

"The Huffington Post: Final Diagnosis--Officially Insane"

I've found a new favorite blog: Et Cetera.

And the way this blog uses images is hilarious.

Such as the image for this post:

The Huffington Post: Final Diagnosis--Officially Insane

Read it and laugh!

But there are other fun ones, as well, like the last blog still supporting Huffington Post, a self proclaimed "gas guzzlin', beer chuggin', one woman lovin', son of a bitch conservative"

You can find his last blog about the Huffington Troll Scandal here: The lonely only

In this post the "one woman lovin', son of a bitch conservative" writes that, "I guess that I am, somehow, some way, a lonely only in support of Arianna Huffington in the HuffPo's great Peter Rost affair. "

Yep, he's right about that. That's a sad state of affairs for Huffington Post. But perhaps it isn't very surprising.

You see, when Jonah Peretti, one of Huffington Post's co-founders, writes that Andy "the Troll" Yaco-Mink (who is his friend and subordinate) "is a smart, young, thoughtful technologist who manages to balance his progressive ideals with a snarky cynicism," then you know something is wrong.

After all, this young, thoughtful man started his troll attack against my Huffington Post blog postings sharing the following wisdom on my blog Build the Wall!:

"You know what was great? The Berlin wall."
By: yacomink on May 25, 2006 at 12:23pm

Is that a comment which "balances progressive ideals with a snarky cynicism"?

Case closed.

The people running the Huff Post really are Wacko-Yaco.


Anonymous said...

Huffington Post has really shot itself in the foot this time, my god even the New York Times has turned on them.

Political porn at its finest?

Anonymous said...

It doesn't sound very progressive for the Huffington Post to "fire" a former whistle-blower for whistle-blowing.

Anonymous said...

I got banned yet again for posting what I did on page 1 of the comments at the following blog entry (as censorship is still very much alive at