Thursday, June 08, 2006

The Baby Bird is Dead

We found him in the grass five weeks ago, when he was completely newborn.

He grew every day, and wanted food every half hour, except during night time.

After a couple of weeks, when he became a fledgling and started jumping around, we put him outside, so that he would get used to his natural environment.

Soon he started to also sleep on a branch outside.

Every morning when we woke up he was at our back door and asked for breakfast.

He started to fly and once he even flew so high up in a tree that we couldn't get him down. But he returned to us.

And when he was really hungry, he always came running and made a familiar beeping noise.

If we were away, he sometimes even waited for us on the front porch when we returned.

In the mornings he used to rush to whomever came with his food. The only thing we couldn't teach him was to be afraid of other animals. And we couldn't be out there protecting him the entire time.

So this morning, when we were going to give him food, there was only silence. And after looking for him, we suddenly found his feathers.

That was all that remained of our baby bird.


Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry, the relationships and pure joy we get from our furry and feathered friends are hard to find any where else. I am sorry for your loss and glad you were able to have such a sweet, if brief, friendship.

Rev. L. said...

I'm sorry, Doc. Truly.

Anonymous said...

I'm so sorry for your loss.'s a bitch isn't it?

Maryanne in PA

Anonymous said...

he would have had a much better chance if you had followed the advice of many of your commenters over on huffpo -- let alone following the LAW -- and taken him to a professional wildlife rehabilitator.

instead, you chose to go it on your own, and he got mauled by some animal. he got mauled by some animal because he didn't know how to defend himself. he didn't know how to defend himself because YOU and your family are NOT professional rehabilitators.

i do not join your other commenters in expressing sorrow for your loss. i feel sorrow for the poor bird who yet another victim of human greed and selfishness. this was a life, a life you could have chosen to save. instead, you chose to keep him as your own, recklessly habituating him to humans and using him as a cute blog topic.

hope you're as ashamed as you should be. and i hope you learned a lesson.

Karen McL said...

Well...there are wildlife centers (and I've used them many a time for animals. eggs and fledglings) -- But Sheesh this critic is rawther HARSH...even anonymously.

You did your best and the neighborhood cat (or other critter) did its best and so the cycle of life goes.

We had a cedar-waxwing once that had broken its wing. It was reset but it could never fly again and so became a *pet* unintentionally of our household...and also got killed by a cat. But there is no blame in that and don't accept it either for the ways of this world and doing your best!

And sorry to hear about the baby bird!