Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The HuffPuff Troll

Bloggers continue to do some very interesting detective work on the Huffington Post Troll.

For web definition of troll see this.

Personally I note that this Troll, who complained that one of my posts "reads like a 6th grader's first attempt at a research paper," is consistenly unable to spell "hilarious."

He thinks it is spelled hillarious.

Read all about the Troll's other posts on Mike Brereton's blog.

Wonder if the Troll finished 6th grade?


Anonymous said...

dr rost:

keep up the good work. i appreciated your work when you were posting at huffpo and was insulted as hell when i started reading all the crap love, paretti, mink AND HUFFINGTON said about you.

add my name to those who posted comments critical of huffpo which never appeared.

funny thing about those ads is i never even considered clicking them. i was there for the news. i'm not a lab rat for these a-holes marketing scheme. in light of what's been revealed vis a vis paretti, mink and JLwhatever all i can say is I AM SO GLAD I DIDN'T CLICK ON ANY OF THOSE F8CKING ADDS. excuse my language, but this whole thing is deeply insulting to me. i can only imagine how you must feel and i congratulate you on your comportment in this matter.

yacomink, paretti, and love are major tools. too bad for arrianna she decided to keep people on her staff who have so egregiously insulted the intelligence of her readers. guess it just goes to show her true motivations after all, and that the REAL arrianna - the one who consistenly slimed Presidential candidate Al Gore for two solid years 1998-2000 - never went away. gee, i wonder if she's ever done a mea culpa over that? she surely seems eager to post all kinds of favorable stuff about Mr. Gore now, EIGHT YEARS LATER.

sorry that this is such a rant.

thanks for all your effort and keep up the good work. your shortcut has replaced huffpo's in my favorites menu, permanently.


Anonymous said...

It is really no big deal to find the email addresses of THP's frequent contributors. I will, as time permits, be posting them here in the hope that many of you will take the time to let them know that, unless the conduct changes at THP, they may as well be airing their opinions on Fox News, as THP has lost ALL its credibility over this issue. If any of you have the time, I hope you will join me too, in finding and posting the email addresses of THP's fequent contributors, so we can reach out to ALL of them....

Here is David Sirota's email address..

And here is the text of an email I just sent him.....

"Surely you must have followed the controversy behind the banning of Dr.Rost. The manner in which THP handled this matter was irresponsible and ridiculously devious and misleading. The ethical conduct for frequent contributors, such as yourself, would be to weigh in publically on this issue, and encourage THP to conduct themselves more honestly and with less bias. If they do not do so, you may as well be posting your comments on Fox News, for THP's credibility is on a par with theirs."

"Do you REALLY want to post on a pseudo-progressive forum that has shown a willingness to employ trolls to manipulate thread content and harrass whistleblowers?"

"Do the right thing, man."

Anonymous said...

BTW, I have managed to broach this subject on Steve Clemons' site, Hopefully we can pull the covers on THP's conduct, and expose them for what they have become.uyuy

Anonymous said...

Yes, I know I've promised to get a timeline together... and here it is...

Enjoy, and please read the Notes.


Anonymous said...

My own comments on the timeline:

1. Yaco-Mink's attack just so happens to begin during the period where Arianna herself indicated that they started having thoughts about booting Dr. Rost.

2. Yaco-Mink's comments on other bloggers were, as Mike already collected and sorted on his blog, showed that he's trying to boost the profile of certain bloggers (viral marketing).

3. Yaco-Mink's IP was also used in other viral marketing campaign.

4. Dr. Rost started to blog about Ad-related issues, and it just so happens to be right before the 2 month mark... and during the "Red Zone", Dr. Rost blogged A LOT about the Ad-business, outnumbered everything else (including the so-called "personal" entries, which is acutally only the cheating friend and baby bird).

5. While I didn't include it, Yaco-Mink's attack intensified AFTER Dr. Rost mentioned the PR firms...

Coincidence? Maybe. But as some might call it, it's also "connecting the dots".

You be the judge... I personally believe Dr. Rost was systematicly targeted to either leave himself or to be smeared further, as oppose to what JP said, that it was because the entries "annoyed Andy greatly".

For what reason? Simple, Dr. Rost started blogging about the Ad-Industry, while JWT/HuffPo was having some major comprehensive deal in this area. They wanted to push him out, but not outright. So they used "one or two" entries to get him "blog less" and "blog only on certain areas".

When it's not really working, and when Dr. Rost's entries were attracting more attentions from readers, they decided to send out the attack hound, Yaco-Mink.

They tactic backfired, and they decided to make the best out of this situation--to ban Dr. Rost.

Then they started to make different excuses, everytime something different, to justify their action.

Now, they're just burying their head in the sand, the HuffPo Staffs as well as the other bloggers.



Anonymous said...


That was pretty impressive work. And yes, I have no doubt myself the Doctor was under attack in order to pressure him to leave.

That the Pharma industry has managed, all in the name of money, to slowly destroy Huffingpost's credibility and the fact Arianna herself either could care less as long as the checks come in or else is really being kept in the dark.

That is the problem with VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE; they simply cannot take the time to see what the little people are fussing about. Even their daughters become VERY IMPORTANT DAUGHTERS and won't lower themselves into any fray lest the money slow down.

If Arianna is completely informed, then she is a whore, plain and simple.

I am still holding out hope she really doesn't understand all that is going on.

Anonymous said...

I just sent a letter to Keith Olbermann asking him to look into this. I think Huffingtonpost should be nominated for WORST PERSONS IN THE WORLD and gave him as much as a rundown as I could in an email letter.

I did direct him here and I would encourage everyone to write him as well. This cannot be allowed to die on the vine.

Anonymous said...

It is my opinion that Arianna knows exactly what is going on. HuffPo has been all about $$ since day one. I mean has anyone noticed the amount of celebrity - media gossip? Only one reason, draws traffic. Traffic - ads, well it doesn't take rocket science.

What I find odd is how the big left blogs stick up for her -- like Jane Hamsher on the Clooney kerfuffle. What are they afraid of? Banishment from what?

Anonymous said...

They're afraid of not being linked. They know a lot of their traffic comes from HuffPo. I found out about Jane Hamsher on the HuffPo. As always, it's about the money.