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Our Own Little Troll

Based on the recent poll in my post Take My Poll: You're In Control!, readers of this blog want both drug and healthcare topics, as well as some other, off the wall, stuff.

So I will try to mix both things, and you can read whatever pleases you. This post is definitely going to be about “off the wall" stuff.

This most recent poll was different from prior ones, in that readers can go to the poll and vote once a day. And I note that a single person keeps going back and putting in his single vote for “Just go away!” once every day. He has now amassed six votes.

I also note that we suddenly, as of yesterday, have a new visitor who really doesn’t like me. Funny thing is, he sounds just as angry, and keeps calling me “insane,” just like a certain technology manager at the HuffPuff used to do. But it could, of course, be anyone in the whole wide world.

So we appear to have received our very own little troll on this blog. I don’t mean this in a derogatory way, I use “troll” simply as it is defined if you search for “define:troll” on Google. According to this Google search a “troll” is someone who posts “controversial or provocative messages in a deliberate attempt to provoke flames” or “a newsgroup post that is deliberately incorrect, intended to provoke readers; or a person who makes such a post.”

In a way I think it is a bit cute that we have this little troll, so I’d like everyone to be nice to him. He is very easy to recognize, not only because of his tail and furry appearance, but because of his consistent venom. You see, as of yesterday he’s been busy running around on my blog posting his little admiring notes on both new and old blogs, almost like a puppy lifting a leg and marking his territory.

Let me give you a sampling:

First, on my post E-Mail From Andy Yaco-Mink, he wrote:

Anonymous said...
You're completely insane. Putting up a parody website is what's called "fair use," not "identity theft." Registering a site meter in Yaco-mink's name is not "sophisticated." All it require is typing "yaco-mink."Have you ever even heard of "fair use?" In fact, because you've made such a jackass out of yourself, it gives whoever wants to parody you much more room under fair use precedent. If you really think it's "identity theft," which is a legal term of art and illegal in every state and under federal law, why don't you try calling the FBI and telling them about your case of "identity theft." Depending on the jackass tolerance of whoever answers the phone, perhaps you'll get a lesson in what "identity theft" really is.Meantime, if you have any friends (it's hard to imagine at this point -- you are, for instance, the classic nightmare person to be stuck with at a party), you should ask them to do an intervention.

So I responded,

Peter Rost said...
Dear "Anonymous"So good to hear from you. You write, "You're completely insane."Kind of reminds me of when yacomink wrote, "Are you insane?" By: yacomink on June 14, 2006 at 12:10pm No one else ever used those words.:)

I figured that would hook him, and I wasn’t wrong. Response came instantly. Please also note how careful he is in making a distinction between "yaco-mink" and "yacomink" (kind of unnecessary after Arianna admitted the two were the same):

Anonymous said...
you mean the guy named "yaco-mink" who you claimed wrote under the "pen name" of "yacomink?"Your understanding of the word pen name is as half-witted as is your understanding of fair use, libel, and identity theft.And I promise you, someone thinking you're insane is not proof that they're Andy Yaco-Mink.

And now this little troll couldn’t contain himself anymore, he went to my post Ken Lay is Dead and wrote this:

Anonymous said...
are you sure it wasn't Arianna who killed him? I'd say you should certainly devote the next six months to exposing Arianna's evil role in killing Ken Lay. After all, anybody who finds you insufferable and wants you to go away must be evil, right?

And then he jumped to Identity Theft of "Peter Rost" Image and Name where no one had posted for three days and wrote:

Anonymous said...
It's not the parody website of your insufferable, boorish and insane reaction to being tossed of Huffpo that damages your "reputation." It's the insufferable, boorish and insane reaction that damages what's left of your reputation. Do you actually suppose that any institution, upon reading your huffpo saga, would ever want to be involved with you? You're draped in red flags. No business person with any common sense would read all this and say, "you know what? I want to be involved with this guy." This is what has damaged your reputation. Not a parody website.

So who is this little troll?

We don’t know.

But we have to love him.

After all, not every blog gets to have its very own little provocative and angry troll.

What we do know is that he is really, really, angry, he stays up real late, like until early morning hours, two-three am, and doesn’t show up until around ten am. Or, perhaps more likely, he lives on West Coast time. Then again, maybe he does stay up late, the way very young people without responsibilities do . . . after all, he fears meeting me at a party. No one over 30 would even think in those terms, they're all too busy working, rearing children to worry about getting stuck at a party with anyone . . . so perhaps the troll is a---young party animal?

The tone and the words used are definitely very similar to the ones “yacomink” used on HuffPuff. See Mike’s blog. But the content is suddenly more articulate and the spelling errors are gone. Maybe the fact that Mike pointed out how to spell "hilarious" with just one "l" made this troll pay attention.

And who knows, maybe this little daredevil is the one behind the Rost Post?

He certainly seems to have researched the facts about identity theft, and is very focused on HuffPuff and Arianna and "yacomink." And he seems to have talked to a lawyer recently. After all, no on who hasn’t talked to a lawyer would ever use an expression such as “legal term of art.” Unless he is actually a lawyer. Wow, could the troll be a lawyer?

Anyway, I had to look up what “legal term of art” means in a law dictionary, here’s the definition: “A word or phrase used by legal professionals that has a precise meaning in a particular subject area.”

Could the troll have just talked to a lawyer? I mean he uses legal terminology, and he talks about “fair use, libel, and identity theft.” Not the stuff regular bloggers discuss a lot.

Here’s the next clue. A very large, and famous law firm, called FRIEDMAN KAPLAN & SEILER just spent the entire day yesterday on my blog. And when I say entire day, I mean entire day. They logged in to my blog a total of 23 times during the whole day. I’ve never seen them before.

So I was just kind of wondering if the troll had perhaps spent some time getting legal advice?

By the way, yesterday Google Blogger wrote to me, they said:


Thank you for writing in regarding content on Upon review of this blog, it appears that
the content in question has already been removed.

Please let us know if we can further assist you.

The Blogger Team

So now we know the person who took my name and picture also deleted the page on his own, possibly scared about the consequences after he read my post, Identity Theft of "Peter Rost" Image and Name.

But then, I figured, maybe he got emboldened when he had talked to these lawyers, and so he started posting like crazy, just getting the rage out of him.

Then again, all of this may be pure fantasy.

The only thing we know for sure is that we now have our very own little troll on the Dr. Peter Rost blog.

Let’s feed him and be kind to him.

Who knows, he might be really warm and cuddly when he cools down.

And just a little reminder to any law firm reading this blog, and to any trolls out there. Don’t miss my legal disclaimer. It even mentions "fair use."



Anonymous Pissed Off American said...

Rost, you are letting the asshole occupy way too much space in your brain. After observing what occurred at THP, and seeing as how they have completely scrubbed the site of evidence, it is time to let this thing go. Personally, THP lost ALL credibility for me, and I cannot go there without an overwhelming feeling that I am wasting my time as well as abetting them in covering-up the evidence of what SHOULD HAVE BEEN their ruin. Now, giving this blathering ass troll the attention you are giving him is handing THP a victory of sorts.They have successfully buried and concealed their own actions, and now have exported the irritating and abrasive troll tactics to YOUR site, and you are playing right into their hands. Ignore the mewling little prick, and conduct this blog as though he doesn't exist. But for God's sake, don't arm him with the power that your attention is giving him.

Blogger justanotheryblogreader said...

I would agree with 'pissed off american', but at the same time, I have to admire you for having such a fighter spirit. It is good to see you consistently stand up to slime, no matter where it is coming from.

Blogger beeta said...

pissed off....,
Calm down...take a breath.. and I'll tell you my take on this issue.
Yesterday, on the post about freedom of press, there was a discussion about reading between the lines. Now keep this in a back burner for now....
A troll is like a classic bully. Both are somewhat insecure, they feel misunderstood, they feel either picked on or ignored, they tend to justify using their physical size or position or power or expertise etc. in inflicting pain on whom they believe are deserving or defensless.
Now go back and read the post agian and this time, read between the lines. Ignoring a troll just makes them furious, aknowledging their existance is better. Playing into their hands by becoming a reactionary is bad, staying logical and cool is good. Acting all hollier than thou or defensless makes them more bold, pointing out the possibility of your position being correct and the defense for that position is good. Throwing him out on his butt just makes him come back, welcoming him takes the air out of his sail. Injecting humor into the situation as oppose to anger is great. This, I believe, is what Dr. Rost was trying to do in the post.
BTW read the legal disclaimer, it is "hilllarious".

Anonymous Rosethejet said...

I have no doubt it's wakko yakko. None at all. I couldn't take it to court, but one has to wonder what his insane hatred for the good doctor is all about.

OR conversely he is being paid to come here. Seems like there is a little biz out there for trollz. I wish I had kept the link but over at someone posted the link to a site that hired people for the express purpose of trolling certain sites.

Hmmmm maybe it was someone like Netvocate?

One does have to wonder someone like our little troll would waste his time if not for money or sheer insanity. I got no problem with him/her, because after all we must be kind to those with low double digit IQs.

I figure it takes a low IQ to come here for either reason.

No way to track the IP Doc?

Anonymous vincent_gambini said...

I have to agree with the others here Dr. Rost. One of the reasons many of us are ripped at HuffPo is because they allow trolls to proliferate in their forums. I would like to see you have a policy where trolls are banned. It is up to you to set the guidelines. No one wants knee-jerk banning going on, but neither do we want to waste time as trolls continue to disrupt conversations with their venom and off-topic nonsense.

I also would like to see you devote more time to Rendon, Netvocates, and all other aspects of organised, fake internet postings. With the internet being one of our avenues to get knowledge out to the masses, we need to confront the propaganda now. I am into your pharma stuff, but to be honest, it is this other subject which continues to draw me back here. Many of us want to know why things never get better, and why we the sheeple can't seem to unite around truth. I believe a great reason is because of all the fakery being put out on the net. This is your website. I personally trust that you'll figure out how to have a fair policy unlike Arianna.

So to sum up, I think it is fascinating that HuffPo might have been behind a lot of their fake posts in an effort to drum up site meters. Yet, I think HuffPo is just doing what those in dark power are doing.

I also think yacomink set up that fake blog site. My reasoning is that he himself wasn't even mentioned. It seemed to be written like any other disinformation. The intent to me seemed to be to have anybody on the edges quickly discouraged from understanding what happened to yourself and also to marginalize those aware of what did happen.

I personally would learn more from this and other sites if trolls were unable to flourish. I'd rather be reading posts from sincere folks giving me new insights and links related to the given topic at hand. Just my opinion.

Blogger Erik said...

Welcome to the Troll! Remember that the Billy Goats got the better of the troll in the end. Be vewwwwwy cawwefulllll.

I tell ya, Dr. Rost - I've had nothing but enjoyment with all this stuff - I got hooked by your cheating friend posts initially and have ridden out the whole sordid mess. Sadly, it has been at your expense - but that, I suppose, is the risk one takes when becoming so public with one's thoughts.

So, when one is so outspoken as you are, trolls will appear. If they don't, then you know you aren't really pushing any buttons. Kinda like the White House press corps...

Blogger Peter Rost said...

Beeta, you read my mind! You're one smart cookie.

Don't worry, I won't waste too much time on this . . . only as long as it is entertaining. In between other posts . . .

And I will enforce my simple comment policy, especially if someone tries to ruin the party.

But I do try to avoid censoring, including censoring an occasional troll, because I want people to know this site doesn't fear contrarian opinions. No one has to agree with me and I think that makes for a more entertaining blog.

Blogger beeta said...

Right back at you!

Blogger beeta said...

...Kenny boy is due to be cremated in Colorado and not Texas, after the "autopsy"....
This after NYT (I think) has a headline to the effect "be sure there is a body in the coffin before closing the lid"......
Apparantly, legally since he is dead before he was sentenced, he can not be sentenced.... part of his sentencing had to do with giving back a chunk of his 40 million which now goes to his wife...although civil suites can be brought against the state...
I wonder if the results of the autopsy are released publicly or only to the next of kin ... and the decision to cremate was made to avoid any future autopsies....
40 million dallars is a good incentive for any next of kin....

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My favorite line from Braveheart:

"Uncompromising men are easy to admire."

You're very easy to admire, doc...

Blogger Moogirl said...

I've said it before and I'll say it again...I bet your wife is never bored!

And while we're on the subject of family, did your kids ever away with ANYTHING when they were growing up?

Keep up the Sherlock bit, Doc, it's both fun and fascinating!

Blogger beeta said...

When I was little I used to wish I had a dumb Mom like my other friends....I never got away with anything!

Blogger Moogirl said...

I had a dumb mom, I was a dumb mom...if I knew then what I know now....

Blogger Moogirl said...

Still trying to figure out this comments thing Doc, not trying to post under two different names lol.

Crickett = Moogirl (Having a Sybil moment...)

Blogger Michael Brereton said...

I think the Doc's approach is spot on - using humour as way of neutralizing the troll - or at least neutralizing the troll's intentions. Myself, I never had a problem if a troll posted a dumb comment. They are usually so easy to spot that after two sentences you just ignore it. Plus, if ten trolls do a post, then I can safely say that I'm not the biggest jackass on the planet - I'm the 11th at the very worst!

I also cannot understand why people complain about bloggers not posting on the particular topic they are interested in. If I'm not interested I just move on to the next one or get back to whatever I was doing before. There's always the next time.

FWIW I'd put no money at all it's wakko-yakko. He has nothing to gain and a lot to lose if he persists in harassing the Doc. He dodged a bullet when he was rumbled but that's unlikely to happen again. Plus I don't actually think he has that much of a beef with the doc - I still believe he was "encouraged" to make his posts as part of the "hope" (I'm not convinced "plan" is the correct word) that the doc would go away.


Blogger beeta said...

Mexico's election was just called. Winner is the guy bushies wanted (I am hoping it's not over and Mexican's can hope!) but here is what's making me nuts.
All these Repubs acting all concerned about immigration, back the guy from the party that wants to keep the situation just the way it is, with open borders and NAFTA.
The guy that wants to re-negotiate NAFTA and improve the conditions in Mexico to keep Mexicans there is called a lefty!
And the stupid Dems are making me sick too. I mean if you want to win elections, you need to grab onto an issue that just about everybody cares about...IMMIGRATION....
all they have to say is... look if you want to stop illigal immigration, just start putting all Americans that hire illigals in jail, and we will back legislature that supports that and we will enforce those laws.
That would win them a bunch of elections...even if they ended up renegging after they won.... it's not as if Bushies havn't used that tactic before....
ok that was a rant...
I am really pissed about Mexico's election.

Blogger MsMelody said...


Good post--allowing us to give our opinions about trollz. HuffPo had plenty. I assumed the purpose of trollz was to divert attention from the topic/discussion so that any "conversations" would be forgotten and only the vitriol remained. I always found it easier to scroll past those who relied on name calling and hatemongering.

How you handle this situation is YOUR business. From what I've seen of the readers of your blog, their intelligence will certainly allow them to sort the wheat from the chaff. It may be more "democratic" to allow trollz to publish their rants; to eliminate them will suggest that you are censoring. And even if you censor with the near-total approval of your readers, that ugly word will still attach.

Blogger beeta said...

Nora O'Donnell has been covering for Chris Mathews on Hardball lately. I always thought that she was dignified even though she is a media hack, and pretty as a cake too...but I never heard her laugh before... well.. let me tell you...
she has the most annoying laugh...
someone ought to tell her: "please don't laugh"

Blogger beeta said...

and on the subject of Nora...
she was interviewing this guy Gerry Brooks (who is a panalist on the Lemont-Leiberman debate tonight) and she says to him: You read blogs...what do you think about their effect on the election?
And he says ...well, it amazes me that blog readers have such debpt of knowledge about issues, I wonder though if they ever leave the house! Of coarse Nora laughs her screechy laugh... I am thinking you moron...most people just read blogs while they are working or doing about a 100 other things....I guess multitasking is not a word he is familliar with.

Blogger MsMelody said...

Vincent_gambini & Beeta: excellent observations: Many of us want to know why things never get better, and why we the sheeple can't seem to unite around truth. . . . I'd rather be reading posts from sincere folks giving me new insights and links related to the given topic at hand.

if you want to stop illigal immigration, just start putting all Americans that hire illigals in jail, and we will back legislature that supports that and we will enforce those laws.

I feel a lot of readers here want to share frustrations and SEEK SOLUTIONS. We don’t merely want to be preaching to the choir; we want answers from those who can move beyond party-politics and LEAD. In so many areas—from immigration to education to health care, etc.— our nation is like an old house. It has been used and abused, and received only irregular and inadequate maintenance. Consequently, there are not just holes in the roof: there’s termite damage in the framing, mildew in the attic, outdated, dangerous wiring in the walls, crumbling foundation, wood rot. How do we fix it? Where to we begin?

Blogger beeta said...

What would you say if I tell you today is our Pres's Birthday.... is also your favorite X-First Lady's birthday too....
just thought you may get a kick out it....wonder if we an find an astrologer to analyze the coincidence!

Blogger beeta said...

I read this really good article a while back... I am trying to find it... for you. It was about all that is wrong with our system and how it tends to be overwhelming and how it makes many discouraged ...... the jest of it was that, it seems logical to find structural defects first and fix them and then the cosmetic issues can be fixed much easier (to borrow your analogy of the house) but that since you need elected officials to fix the structural defects.... we need to concentrate on picking good elected officials who then can be pushed to do something about the defects. In essence that has been the Republican's method...that is they have concentrated on getting their people elected and once that was accomplished... they easily could erode institutions that were an impedement to their goals. This took at least 3 decades or longer. This took the form of re-districting in TX where I live and how the state has become a solid Republican base....not because Texans are all Repulican...but because as a result of re-districting it is almost impossible to get elected as a Democrat in many districts. Anyway, it is too broad of a subject to explain here but I will try to find the article and post it here.

Anonymous Anonymous said...

"A very large, and famous law firm, called FRIEDMAN KAPLAN & SEILER"

hired and paid by a small and infamous troll? Naw. His auntie must have picked up the tab. But then we don't know who did what except that we know we think we know. You know, there are unknown knowns. Oh please, Rumsfeld, get out of my head!

I like this site. Almost forgot to be polite: Hi, my name is anonymous :) for now.

Anonymous Rosethejet said...

When I posted over at Huffingpost, I NEVER responded directly to trollz. I simply talked around them and I know it worked because they hated that.

That is why sometimes I think that both sides of arguments over there are contrived. I keep telling people that feeding the trollz only makes them horny or better paid or something. Personally I think some of them are better paid for trolling and some of them actually get chubbies when someone responds.

Whetever the reason, it's really depressing trying to believe that honest and intelligent debate can take place among people of like minds and those who can actually cortribute something to the con side and either prove their point or admit they are wrong.

NEVER happen.

Which makes Huffingpost a phony site but I do like their page set up and the comments set up, well except for the trollz, censorship, editing and overall lying by the staff.

But other than that....

Blogger darwinita said...

Hi Doc!
Love your blog. I rather consider your bailiwick of expertise to be exposing shcmucks to the cold light of day so that they can explode like salted slugs. You have yourself a good time, and keep on keepin on!

I bailed on Huffpoo pretty much because of the way they handled jerko-mink. I used to post frequently, but now it's like there's no damn point.


PS Someone attributed the "check the coffin" headline to the NYT- but it was the NYPost.


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