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Crazy Frog

As usual, I don't post on weekends. Oh well, just one more post, then.

This one is about a rebel and everyone knows that I like rebels. Only this rebel isn't that well known in the U.S. But if you go to Europe, everyone has seen it.

It started out with a Swedish guy, who mimicked the sound of a moped. That's a contraption with a 50cc two-stroke engine, which you had to be the age of 15 to drive in Sweden. At least when I was 15. Now they have a EU moped which is faster and quieter. The original moped made a lot of noise.

So, anyway, this Swedish fellow recorded his rendition of the moped sound. Here it is:

AND then the sound turned into a highly profitable ring tone. But the story didn't end there.

Next came THE CRAZY FROG VIDEO, also called the ANNOYING THING:

And then came another video.

And another one.

And a toy.

And a spoof.

And here's the full history if you haven't had enough!

It's nice to have your own blog. I'm not stuck with healthcare, but I can write about whatever I like. Like frogs.

Have a great weekend!


Blogger beeta said...

...........seriously funny!

Blogger Peter Rost said...

Whew. It got so quiet I started getting nervous no one else appreciated the humour. Happy one reader enjoyed the show!

Anonymous Gary said...

Well, I certainly enjoyed the spoof!

Blogger beeta said...

DR. Rost,
It really is funny how all of a sudden things get very quiet... but I don't really think it has to do with the material's more like people's scheduals and routins. I have been around more this last week or so due to my schedual and so I have posted more often... I'll be much more busy next if I don't post as often.....

Blogger beeta said...

There is a good article by Kevin Baker on Harper's July 15 2006 called "The past and Future of A Right-Wing Myth"...there is a link on
It relates to your post "How to Drag People Into War"....thought it might interest you and the readers.

Anonymous Reaniel said...

I first heard this "Moped" sound segment from a flash site that meant to get people really annoyed, but I never knew it was originated from THIS particular video.

I guess it's more like going along with the "Fab" that's going on.

An interesting site to observe this is the (You The Man Now Dog). Whenever someone came up with a new funny idea, there would be a few weeks with the site filled with spoofs or remix of the same thing.

For instance, there was the "Not Even Doom Music", started when someone on the internet posting a clip featuring someone burning a cat alive. In the background was the music tune from the classic computer game Doom. Someone then created a "YTMND" to express that "not even Doom Music would justify killing of a cat"... then the whole thing just exploded, with so many people using the phrase "NEDM" as an expression of disapproval.

There's also the Scientology incident. What happened was one of the visitor of the site created a YTMND as a way to ridicule Scientology. There was a boom followed afterward. Before it died down, however, Scientology sent their lawyer threating the webmaster of YTMND to take down the Scientology jokes, or other wise he would face criminal penalty for non-authorized usage of the trade-mark "Scientology".

This, of course, didn't stop the jokes from coming in, but rather made it even worse. The site actually created an entire special section featuring all Scientology YTMND jokes. To top it off, the webmaster now places a small "TM" marking after the word "Scientology" whenever the phrase is mentioned.

Here's the wikipedia entry about YTMND.

Anonymous Reaniel said...

Typo, I meant to say "Fad" as oppose to "Fab".

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I check your blog everyday ... even on the weekends when I know better than to expect much.

Unfortunately, my connections is too slow for me to spend much time downloading the video posts.

Awhile back, you were pondering the concept of expanding your presence to something that might comete with HPo, and I'll admit, I've tried to encourage you by voting many times.

If your idea of expansion is still something you're considering, perhaps you could start out by selecting a guest blogger to fill in the blanks and maybe post up a few items on the weekends. Maybe even select somebody to build up an aggregate of links to other blogs and headlines. If they work out, perhaps you'll have a core of people to take the larger steps necessary to make HPo sit up and take notice. Once you build up some readership, perhaps a tech manager from HPo will defect and help you get some kind of rating system working ... don't laugh, there's a guy over there that's not happy with the people who create content (as I understand it).

Anonymous Rosethejet said...

Pretty cool videos. They've been around for a little while now, but this is the first time I've actually taken the time to listen to them all the way through. Glad to see you have an off base sense of humor.


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