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Did Ken Lay Fool Everyone?

Last week I wrote about Enron CEO Ken Lay's death, in Ken Lay is Dead, after he had been convicted of fraud and conspiracy in the giant energy company's collapse, but before his sentencing.

I focused on the fact that he tried to fire the whistleblower, Sherron Watkins, who informed him of brewing trouble in his company.

Other bloggers focused on how "timely" his death appeared and asked if it was suicide.

And CEO magazine reveals that under the "abatement doctrine," the death of former Enron Chairman Kenneth Lay wipes both his conviction and indictment from the criminal record, complicating civil suits against his estate.

"If you're on appeal and you die before that appeal is decided, it's like stepping into the way-back machine," says law professor Peter J. Henning of Wayne State University. "It's as if Lay were never charged."

And there is good reason for this, the courts have explained that "the state should not label one as guilty until he has exhausted his opportunity to appeal."

This suggests that that the Department of Justice's claim against Lay for $43.5 million will also be dismissed.

So even in his death, Ken Lay appears to have fooled everyone, one last time.


Blogger beeta said...

No kidding!
May he rest(or not)in peace(or hell)and may his creator(if there is one)reward(or punish)him according to his deeds!
I still don't think the greedy bastard went to his death willingly.

Blogger beeta said...

I am watching this (well realy listening, the audio is much better than the video) great documentary about the orgins of Neoconservatism and Fundementalist about light bulbs turning on...
anyway...if you are interested....
produced by BBC and I think won awards at Cannes festival
"Power of Nightmares"
you can find it at
and it's free
Wolfowitz, Rummy, Cheney, Kristol, Kissinger, Nasser, Osama and Georgie boy....

Anonymous Rosethejet said...

A LOT of people are convinced it was suicide. I am one of them.

He had no other way out. He was going to go down and down hard. He would not have left prison alive.

He was in one of his self proclaimed favorite places on Earth and what better place to end it all. Finding a sympathetic and easily bought off doctor to be the one performing any autopsy should not have been very hard to do at all.

I really hope there is a special place in Hell for Kennyboy Lay and that he is sitting next to the seats for Bush*, Cheney and Herr Rove.

Rot in misery Kennyboy.

Blogger beeta said...

You know ...there is hope....really!
First Mexicans march in the US, protesting immigration crack downs (now don't go all crazy on me, we do have a problem, but it's our own government who doesn't want to inforce laws against hiring illegals) and now they are marching in Mexico, protesting the election fraud there. I was hoping for that....but got to hand it to them...they are making us look pretty bad.....ohhh they may not succeed, but at least they are showing some anger and disgust. All Gore and Kerry did is accepted defeat "graciously"...well.. I rather have seen some conviction and backbone....maybe then "we" would have been out protesting.

Blogger beeta said...

Remember when we were talking about Reagan the other day...
and how this mess started with him... well the documentary pretty much agrees with that notion.

Blogger beeta said...

I truley do not mean to take over the comments....honest...
but did something the world ended and I am the only one that doesn't know ...sitting and posting comments to nobody... like am I going to be swept away by a giant wave of melting lava filled with invisible radioactive little robots unleashed by Darth Vader? you there?

Blogger shooter said...

Worry not, sweet Maiden,....."Heeeere he comes to save the day!.....Mighty Pen is on it's waaay."
Yeah, it's been kinda quiet these last few days. I wrote to Doc. that having multiple threads dilutes the readership. I mean, I write a brilliant novel, hit publish, and BAM! I look up and everyone's gone. Running to the newest thread. LOL
We gotta jazz this baby up, Beeta. I mean, they liked the videos. Maybe if you and me make a video dancing the Maranga they'll take notice. Maybe we'll even get booked on the Ed Sullivan Show. Wait a minute, I think he's dead, no?

I think for right now, at least until Doc. makes a big decision, He's got to think of a good topic, write and post it, and leave it out there for people to... "discuss among yourselves." I've seen good posts go for days, on other sites, until it's beaten to death. If Doc. has a new idea, he can post it to the ongoing thread, rather than start a new one. I mean, we have gotten into a few good free-for-alls, within reason, but they seem to be cut short by new entries. Anyway, that's my two cents worth tonight. Good night, EVERYONE.

Blogger MsMelody said...

Beeta, Shooter . . .

Couldn't agree more . . . with everything, from the immigration - voting fraud - corporate corruption to the brevity of discussion created by new posts. And, Beeta, like you, I sometimes wonder if "I'm the only one."

I just finished a book called "A Call for Revolution" by Martin L. Gross. MAN, the guy was pointing out all the problems we are now experiencing with government, immigration, etc. etc. AND, he had good, valid recommendations for solving problems. I though--gee, this fellow gets it, and I'm ready and willing to join his revolution.

Then I looked at the title page only to discover it was copyrighted in 1993. WOW! I thought, the same problems we are worrying about today were known and real 13 years ago--and a revolution did not appear. That's discouraging.

Then I googled the author. "Has he quietly, unbeknownst to me, started a revolution?" "Has he died, and along with him an embryonic revolution?" "Has he somehow been silenced?" The most recent google entry I could find (granted I didn't look too hard) was an article written last December which seemed to be rationalizing, praising, promoting our "Decider-in Chief."

I know there is a lot of discontent. Are people now so busy just surviving the misdeeds of our corporations and government that they cannot be concerned about our erosion of freedom? Is the propaganda machine so effective that many BELIEVE what is spewed at them on television?

Enough. I've had my discouragement for the day . . . no for the week.

Anonymous Gary said...

You folks getting lonely? So I have a question for you. Ms. Huffy said the good doctor was boring, so here goes. Has ANYONE ever been able to read one of this young lady's entire posts? Try as I might, I always nod off less than half way through.

Anonymous BothEyesOpen said...

Thanks for that one, Gary. I scanned down about 8 lines. After that, I rEalIZeD thAt ThErE wAs No waY i'D fiGgEr It oUT.

But the, um, dialogue did seem familiar.....

Blogger beeta said...

Well... nothing like sending a flare up....haa!
shooter- I knew you'd come and rescue me...LOL..but seriously, I know what you are saying about the site...I think of "relationships", "history", "revelotions", etc. as a mighty river flowing and changing coarse over time (around the time of hurricane Katrina there was a program talking about how a lot of the problems with flooding had to do with trying to keep the Mississipi river from adjusting coarse over time, i.e. levies). So, I think this site will develope into it's natural coarse, dispite what any "one" of our wishes for it may be. Personally, I'd like to see a town meeting forum (and I have related this to Doc.),where there is one main thread for everyone to post and articles or links presented separetly. There could be a statement of mission that could let everyone know what this site is trying to achieve in order to keep the conversation from going way off track. Meanwhile, I'll watch and see what where it is heading and I'll put in my two cents for what it is worth.

Blogger shooter said...

Good, now we're talking. And here's the problem. I want to respond to you guys, but there's a couple of threads posted since this one. In as much as thinking too much gives me a migraine, I am hesitant. Too many times I'ves gotten into a post, only to be the last one. Either no one found it interesting enough to respond, or they just moved on to the newer ones. Doc has to get a format other than Google, which gives him more freedom to tinker with the format.
Rather than go into all the suggestions I, and all of you, have to improve this Blog, Here's an idea:

Doc, devote a whole day, and try to be available to moderate, for readers to have their input and ideas debated. I say the whole day because everyone's schedule is different and we don't want anyone left out. If some event takes place that you just have to post a new thread, make sure you advertise on the new thread that there's an ongoing discussion on the previous on. There are so many smart people out there and their combined experience and knowledge would make your toes curl. Advertise the "big day" well in advance so we can prepare our lists and I think you'll be surprised and gratified at the results.

Heres just a couple of ideas to "prime the pump."
1. Simple format. Black backround, so that you have to put your nose right into the screen to read it.....out!
2. More simple. Streaming nonsense, fading in and out, too cute by half.....out!
3. Too many links in body of post. Clicking on them so you forget the point of the story.....out!
4. Voluntary readers profile. Ability for posters to give info about themselves, including e-mail address.....In!
5.And so on.......

Now watch....I'll check back tonight and be the last one posting to this thread. Oy vey!

Anonymous Rosethejet said...

You bring up a good point about mulitple posts. The problem and it't not really a PROBLEM, just the only word coming through my brain right now, is not having the same ability that you do over at Huffingpost with all the subjects right in front of you. Rad one, move to the next and I really do like that format.

Make sense?

Maybe not.

I need to go out get some fresh air.

With any kind of luck we'll be coming home with a brand new Chrysler 300-C Hemi. Black, new tires and cool light black tinted windows.

Blogger beeta said...

I looked up Martin Gross, apparently he is a professor of Social Sciences and has written many books about government corruption, I think the latest one was about the Education system. Most of his books have been written before 2000, which is significant if I am right about him. The reason it matters is that, there were a lot of people who blamed Liberals for corruption in government, you know, the Liberals and big government and the welfare system (even though Clinton pretty much dismantled the welfare system) anyway, I think this Gross was one of those and that's why it might make sense if you read a review where he is praising GWB. Most conservatives believed that with GWB as president they could finally get rid of big government and corruption...well...things haven't worked out that way as we can see which is why I pointed out that most his books were written before 2000. He seems to have really been on the mark in pointing out the problems with our government, it's just that he along with many others had the wrong villain. The documentary I was talking about "The Power of Nighmares" helps explain many things. My take is that, there is and has always been a very orchestrated and massive campaign by the corporations (big business) to control public opinion and society in general and they have used the media, intellectuals and politicians of any persuation to that end. But, along the way two main idealogies have developed among Americans. This I believe goes back to the founding fathers's time and it has morphed into the two political parties and many versions of liberal, conservative and our version today which is Neoconservatives verses the Progressives. Each faction blames the other for what ailes our country and proclaims their position superior, but they have both been controlled and manipulated by big business, which leaves "us" the people...well... out in the cold. What is interesting is that this same battle of idealogies been going on in other parts of the world as well and that's what the documentary is trying to point out, that Neocons and Islamists share the same perspective. My take is that Liberals and Communists (or at least the original theory behind it)also share the same perspective in large.

Blogger beeta said...

I totally love your idea! Very democratic too. Let's see what Doc has to say.

Anonymous Rosethejet said...

Wonder what a system similar to a lot of posting places would be like?

I can only go by my hobby website that I love to go to or my favorite TV show of all time FIREFLY (I am a huge Firefly fan and pray everyday TPTB will pick it up and run new episodes)and that is

Hobby site it:

That is just an idea.

Of course there are others I am sure.

I really have gotten to the point of coming here first and checking in all day long.

Feels kinda comfortable...know what I mean?

OH we bought a 2006 Chrysler 300-C Hemi V-8 Today. I feel sort of guilty cuz it's not exactly a green car, but DANNNGGG this car is!


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