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HuffPo's People Ranker

Per suggestion from a brilliant reader, I went to Huffington Post's EAT THE PRESS and filled in Rost, Huffington, Yako-Mink, Peretti, on HuffPo's People Ranker (left hand side of the screen),

This was the result:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh yes, I'm soooo brillant - I gotta wear shades, lmao. Let's just say I was feeling inspired this a.m., while humming a catchy tune - don't worry, be happy...

Blogger antichrist said...

I guess Yaco-Mink is still spiking the HuffPost systems.

Blogger antichrist said...

I entered The Huffington Rost into The Huffington Post's Contagious Festival, but they have not posted it. I guess they are not brave enough.

Blogger Argon said...

The People Ranker is compiled by Google so I doubt Yaco Mink can mess with it as easily. I tried the same thing and was wondering why it didn't have a result for him, then I figured it was misspelled and took out the hyphen, then it showed 8.

The People Ranker apparently works with anything so I just started putting random words in it to see what I'd get and even my own name got more than 8.

I'm not sure what the significance of it is, but it's a pretty graph even thought it doesn't seem especially useful.

Anonymous Rosethejet said...

That's pretty cool. One does have to wonder why Arianna is so blind to what is going on in her site. Or whether she is one of those who fit this description.

None so blind as those who refuse to see.

Blogger beeta said...

"Journalism 101"
Despite the fact that the press in America at the moment seems to be shackled, smeared or paid hush-money, there are a few Journalist out there that believe in their true calling. In the words of Amira Haas "a Journalist's job is to record, to point the finger when we can and to challenge those centers of power." This description explains why Journalist are faced with road blocks, smear campaigns, loss of job and name calling and redicule.
A good Journalist keeps digging and questioning while ignoring the barage of criticism (insane, conspiracy theorist, paid for, Self promoting, etc)
looking for that nugget of truth barried under all the dirt and debris.
When that nugget is un-earthed, it sends shock waves through social and political structures deemed sound and honorable. The fall out can at times be as devastating as a nuclear fall out destroying trust and faith in long held beliefs. The reaction of "centers of power" is usually predictable, however; the reaction of the public in large could at times be denial, which explains adhering to an idealogy in the face of un-deniable evidence.
Most "nuggets of truth" are not only barried deep but clothed in layers of deceit interconnected yet seemingly unrelated. This makes the job of a Journalist a slow and time consuming undertaking. In this long and rocky road, a Journalist is often aided by whistle blowers, informants, savvy citizens or pure luck, but non are as important as an independent thinking informed members of the public who can break through the barrier of denial and fear and embrace the truth and propagate it.
The fear that is brewing in the hearts of the "centers of power" about the bloggesphere is testemony to this fact. In the words of Gerry Brooks (interviewed by Nora O'Donnell on Hardball-July 6th 2006), blogg readers show an incredible debt of knowledge about issues. This unregulated media market left unshackled would enable the handfull of true Journalists to not only unearth the truth but to then propagate it through the informed citizens.
It is no wonder then that there is a coordinated attack being launched towards the bloggesphere. Opposing net-neuturality, creating confusion and doubt, corrupting from within and smear campaigns are meant to destroy this important link between Journalists and informed members of the public ("the People Formerly known as the Audience" Jay Rosen pressthink.)

Blogger beeta said...

ohh the post above is mine... the link to Jay Rosen was added as evidence.


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