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How to Read This Blog

If you don't read the readers' comments you should start now. They're often better than the posts.

And just to give you some perspective, the kind of thinking on display in some of these posts gets more common the higher up you get in any hierarchy.

Who did what, when and why, and how will that impact you? Who's watching and what does that mean? And of course you carefully weigh every word people tell you, every fake smile they flash in your direction, and take into account their hidden motives and agendas.

It may be cynical, but that's what you learn with experience.

Some managers spend half their time on such issues, just to cover their rear end.

As a senior manager it's not like people usually come to you with the unvarnished truth. You have to dig, every day, to stay on top of the real issues.

Here, on this blog, I'm just doing some of the digging for fun and entertainment. After all, it's just a blog. It's not the real world. And a troll now and then provides some spice when I don't feel like writing about something else.

The only one who may not understand that is the troll itself. I'm not taking myself too seriously, which should be pretty obvious when you read my legal disclaimer. (It has been updated to cover trolls, too.)

So everyone else can also relax. Especially the young and very angry troll.

This is what I'm talking about: ;)


Blogger beeta said...

Boy....what would I give to be able to witsle like that!!!!!!!

Blogger Zap-PaCrap-Pa said...

Quite interesting the post's I've sifted thru with a fine tooth comb, here lately. In reading the Good Doctor's words "After all it's just a blog. It's not the real world." I became very disappointed and incensed but after coming back for a re-read so I wouldn't blow-up in a response my take on it was realized the context was about trolls. But also that it was a blanket statement and I'm still unsettled. One would think that we are here to get away from the entertainment and varnished un-truths we experienced at huff-n-puff. Well if I'm wrong please tell me fore there's no reason for me to be here posting wasting my time. I look for progressive idea's and thoughts which I realized on the handful of threads democratic or liberal that I've surfed they do not really care about changing a thing, only to keep hoping that their votes are going to change everything, which is a complete joke within itself. Our gov. has morphed to an unpresidented point that is un- fathomable, how could it possibly get worse. Show me how it could possibly get better? Haven't you all learned anything from 2000 & 2004'. How about the most recent in CA why can't we take the diebold voting machines home to keep them safe & warm, just a testing ground before Nov. that things are still in place with the complacent idiot voters of America. Ya want to turn this site into another hp, c&l or dko's anyone can do/be that. Idlely ranting and raving, too lazy to get off your lard asses and really do something about anything. How about this for you liberals and democrats who are & will be frequenting here. Show me one fu**ing polititcian that is saying anything about turning things back from what this administration or congress has screwed up. So basically all signing statements that bush has rubber stamped on your heads/lives are there for the rest of your lives let alone for generations to come. Ever wonder how long it takes to turn things back from what are gov. officials have put into place. Guess what it never goes back to what it was, originally. Nomore than what our gov. follows/has followed of the Constitution thru the years. I'm sure I am aqain wasting my time, neither will I make the stupid remark "I'll get off the soapbox now". Piss on everyone that sits on their ass and bitches about politicians sitting on their asses and not doing anything we the people the masses want done, the very thing you all bitch about. Our ceo gov. has turned into paperwork, nothing is actually done except for the poor folks sent into battle whether it be Iraq, NOLA or are southern borders. It's all speculative as the stock market, a projection that is actually not reality until it happens which in turn it becomes actual in motion and histoty in the same moment. I've got to go but in closing maybe someone could explain including Dr. Rost just what depicts real? I know what it means to me what does it mean to you?

Blogger shooter said...

Doc, DOC, DOC!!!
Hurry, I think we finally got him! You cover the east door, I got the west. I can't believe it!! The missing link! The link we've been searching for all these years. The genetic link between pre-homo sapien and homosapien. The elusive "psycodillusio-neander-java-dikhead...rex." Please, let's not let him get away. I just dispached Gomez for all the formaldehyde he can get.
Let's not spook ZAP.

Listen, Zap, until your little friends get here,.......Don't worry, be happy.

Blogger beeta said...

you showed up....did you catch my good morning?

Anonymous Rosethejet said...


While I can understand your unhappiness with democrats and believe me when I say I am at the top of the "Screw fake democrats until they all die" list, I still feel that possibly there will be enough of them if they take both of the houses to help bring back a lot of what we lost.

I honestly believe that if Gore runs and if there is a God, Gore will not only run but win by a landslide and thus hopefully bring democrats and reluctant ReThugs back in the democracy we call the USA.

I can only say hopefully because unless you have a crystal ball that is all we can do is hope. It will be up to Gore and others to make the announcement and from that point I will be a Gore man until hell freezes over. I will get out and go door to door if I have to and believe for someone with UC, that is saying something.

BUT right now I have to agree that there are far too many democrats who simply feel all they have to do is say "We aren't them" and get elected which is wrong. They are like trying to herd cats when it comes to building a consensus. I like Boxer over all and I like Feinstein most of all, but most of them are terrified to take a democratic party stand.

Just look what happened when Feinstein tried to bring a censure of the president. The democrats scattered like cockroaches caught with the lights being turned on and left him to twist in the wind. Cowards...the lot of 'em.

BUT if you want to hear what those of us on the ground want and believe, then sure, we got a lot of ideas and most of them jive with each other.

It's our elected "leaders" who can't seem to figure out if they want to bow to their corporate pimps and overseas corporations or to the citizens and work for them.

Right now I think it's their corporate pimps who are runnig the show. Even the so called great black hope Barrack Obama has become just another corporate pimp and is even talking about appeasing the Christian Taliban.

Yeah, there is a lot that needs working on.

Blogger shooter said...

Beeta, it wouldn't be morning without you.
Oops, Rose is into serious. My head hurts.

Anonymous Rosethejet said...

I don't know if anyone will go this far back but jeelawheez I CANNOT believe I kept saying FEINSTEIN, whom I really hate, instead of FEINGOLD.

Can't figure that out cuz Feinstein is just a notch below Lieberman when it comes to being a fake democrat. Even in CA where she is unopposed, she still has just over a fifty percent approval rating.


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