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The Weekend Is Here. See You Monday!

Here's for all the furry party animals and other trolls out there . . . a sizzling Shakira video.


Anonymous Rosethejet said...

She is a babe, but I've always wondered if girls who were that hot on video were like that in private.

I have my doubts.

BUT the girl knows how to shake here money maker.

Have a nice weekend as well Doc. I hope you're still considering setting up a good site.

Blogger Argon said...

It's truly a shame that politicians can't learn from Shakira's example and have their lips don't lie. I'd certainly trust her hips a whole lot more than any politician.

If you want some entertainment this weekend you can check out my animated comic:

An Angel's Destiny

Or check out what I'm trying to do with it on my blog:

Argon's Awareness

Blogger beeta said...

.....for anyone in the mood to read a book this weekend...
# 1 NYT best seller
author interviewd by Amy Goodman on Democracy Now!
"Reading Lolita in Tehran"
by Azar Nafisi
it is an easy read ....but the subject matter(s) is pretty dense..
it will give you a better understanding of ME issues as well as a good lesson on American Classic Authors
my favorite quote is on page 201...
....Lambert Strether, the protaggonist of James's "The Ambassadores" says....
"I'm a perfectly equipped failure"
.....and his soul mate Maria Gostrey replies.... "Thank goodness you're a failure...... look about you-look at the successes. Would you be one, on your honor?"
Now that is a classic!.... in light of our discussions here today......

Blogger beeta said...

...and for a good chuckle...
read E.J. Dionne's article....
"It couldn't Happen Here" July 7th, 2006

Anonymous Rosethejet said...

argon I was going to leave a comment but I don't want to be a blogger so I just passed on the whole thing. Too bad.

BUT here is what I said.

Pretty cool artwork. Do you do it yourself? Or import it? Never could do a thing with computer artwork. No sense of 3-D at all. Not even that good at 1D.

Blogger Argon said...

Yes I did the whole thing, the animation in Poser and the text in Flash. I'm glad you enjoyed it. I'm working on the 4th chapter now

I'm sorry about the comments, I changed the settings so you could without blogging, I didn't know it was set that way.

Blogger shooter said...

Good evening, all. A special good evening to Beeta, who gave me not only a smile but a chuckle and a supressed giggle to boot. One of the fun things about this Blogg Dr. Rost started, is the feeling that maybe we're experiencing the "Big Bang." No, no, no. Not that big bang. (for all those lurking Pagans out there.) I mean "THE" Big Bang! I mean, the creation of something new, fragile, unpredictable, and who's future course is un-knowable.

Not to get metaphysical or over-dramatic, I do know it's not often in most people's lives to be handed a platform, and a friendly hand of invitation, to speak, to contribute, to participate, and maybe make a difference to others, as well as yourself. Right now, this Blog is as sloppy, unstructured, unpredictable, and confusing as possible. And I just love it! It's exactly as it should this stage of the game. We have the original "regulars," a growing second wave, your occasional and sometime persistant troll, your drive-by psycho (I actually enjoy them), and a wondrous, impromptu play in action.

What makes this Blog different from millions of others is Dr. Peter Rost. I sense he's one of us. Regardless of our backrounds, we're welcome here. Regardless of his backround, M.D, Vice-President, Media Darling, Big just know he's laughing at this. He's smart, he knows right from wrong, and he wants to have a good time. Being good, and successful are not mutually exclusive. For us to be able to play in this park is a gift.

Finally, I just want to say, I'm constantly amazed at the breadth and depth of the intellect many of our contributors have expressed. We'll manage the trolls, and the psychos, with a gentle guiding hand from Peter ( I just had to use his first name.) We'll convince him to start a site where we have more control over it's mechanics and administration. And I think, a year from now, at our anniversary party, we'll laugh and joke at how fast it all happened. $10.00 fine to the first person who starts their post with " Who would've thought that a bunch of rag-tag malcontents............................"

Blogger beeta said...

A smile and a giggle too!

Blogger beeta said...

I was reading and thinking all know one of those days..most of the articles I read today were pretty depressing(dah...
what else is new) but in a way kinda answered questions too..
it wasn't like a light bulb going on...but more like a slow sinking feeling that takes hold...I went from don't worry, be happy to I can't believe this *S...T* to who the *H * do they think they are that's the way it is..haa
........then I read your post and it cheered me is a good place right now (hope it stays this way).....and it does feel like something that could matter..
anyway....all that was to tell you that you gave me more than a smile and giggle!


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