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60 Minutes

OK, so I couldn't stay away from the computer. And my wife is in the shower. So that gives me two minutes to sneak in a post, even though it is weekend.

Here's the reason I'm writing. Andy Court, one of the producers at "60 Minutes" sent me a note, and I thought you might be interested in watching this:

From: Court, Andy
Sent: Friday, July 7, 2006 3:49 PM
Subject: story on 60 Minutes this Sunday

A story I produced will be re-broadcast on 60 Minutes this Sunday, July 9th. It’s called, “39 Years, 6 Months, 4 Days,” and it’s about an American who spent all those years in North Korea and lived to tell the tale. Scott Pelley is the correspondent, and Jill Landes is my co-producer.

Hope you’re well.

This story is about Charles Jenkins, the former soldier who deserted to North Korea, who speaks about the abuse and control he suffered over his nearly 40 years there.


Blogger antishill said...

At the very least, this merits Dr. Rost's "Don't Trust Your Television News" warning. I'll give it my own warning: Neocon Propaganda.

Blogger beeta said...

A very clever one at that!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

antishill -- I would agree.

This reminds me of the runup to the invasion of Iraq when the history channel (or any channel) could have featured something (anything) relating to the history of ancient Babylon. What we got instead was Hitler/Hitler/Hitler -- their standard fare. We're so much better than Hitler - was the message. DUH. And then the slaughter of Iraqis began.

Anonymous Rosethejet said...

Actually this should be interesting to see. I followed what little was talked with regards to this guy. Most of it was the usual "He's a traitor" "He should be shot" etc.

BUT sometimes, things aren't so black and white. Well except in La La Land where Rush Osamabinlimbaugh, Bill O'dious, Ann "I am NOT a man" Colterguiest, and their ilk.(COLTergiest cuz let's be honest, if that isn't a horse face then I don't what is; heh heh heh....sometimes I crack myself up)

So I'm going to watch it. BUT what I find intersting, is that someone from 60 Minutes contacted the doc to let them know about it.

MAYBE, just maybe, he might be able to get 60 Minutes interested in the goings on at THP. Yeah I know, but they call them longshots for a reason. Sometimes they hit.

Blogger Janine said...

This seems an awful lot like the same sort of viral marketing the HuffPo was trying to do. This person emailed Dr. Rost, who promptly passed it on to us, and some additional viewers will be the result.

Of course, if this guy is a friend of his or has some reason to think he'd be particularly interested then I take it back, but if this was just an e-mail out of the blue, then hmm.....

Blogger shooter said...

C'mon Doc. Your wife is in the shower?....2 mins?.....what have you got, a run-thru shower? Get in there and show her what a REAL shower is like on a Saturday.....And don't forget your "luffa."

Blogger Peter Rost said...

Sounds like an explanation is needed.

Andy Court is the producer I worked with on the most recent collaboration I had with 60 Minutes . . .

. . . the one about growth hormone and anti-aging. So he's stayed in touch afterwards. I haven't put up his other e-mails, but this story sounded interesting.

And yeah, that IS viral marketing. It's a tough world out there, even for 60 Minutes.


Blogger Zap-PaCrap-Pa said...

Wow I must be psycho, I know one thing I won't make a remark on someone's private life unless they offer. By the way shooter would you like to answer any questions I'd asked 2 dys ago. In a added response to anon anon I noticed after the Janet Jackson's flop the history channel started describing American (native) Indians as savages(hadn't heard that in yrs), don't believe me check it out, if they haven't altered (the) history of. To rosethejet thanks for your kind words the other night dear. I'm just tired of folks complaining without action and sitting on their...... & not doing a thing. A democrat thing not necessarily, It's a thing about a demo's sticking to the guns & then coming up/out with something totally ass backwards from the demo platform. I mean, has anyone been disheartened by who has said they will back lieberman, I mean come on. I responded to pelosi on huffpo about her anal-ysis of Katrina in NOLA as her ass was sitting in Baton Rouge, she hadn't even been to New Orleans yet from what I perceived. Should I be snide and say...........never mind. I mean these demos say something smart for 2 wks then they make one remark that destroys the prior 2 wks of smartness(so to speak). Did anyone see/hear Murtha's response to Waxman's amendment to an amendment to an amendment... da da da da da about restricting a contractor(s) from any more fed contracts if they were found to Believe a 100,000 dollars of their billing was bogus. Oops you better check on that folks because it might have been a 100 million. Do the leg work, if I'm wrong I'll quit posting on The Good Doctors Site(no sarcasm intended). Well I may be wrong it might be 1 million and I'll stick to my word. Something like H.R.52hundred something who cares. Which leads me to another point I'd like to make before I close or I may never post again. We can sit here and cut & paste for the rest of our lives on recorded paperwork. How much more evidence do we need, even for one minor thing? What does it matter when as Dr. Rost knows better than any of us that someone could take 5-10 lawyers 5-10 yrs with 5-10 million dollars to try and prove the gov. did something wrong when they can wisk it away in a ink mark/signing. There's millions of pages if you want to sift thru and argue, oh I'm sorry I meant debate. Better look that word up in the dickt. doesn't say anything about solutions. My very bitch about who's going to turn around what bushcorp or congress has done together as one in the last 5&1/2 yrs. Wow if in reading any info, anyone should read plenty before coming to a conclusion. What the hell does it matter after one lie belies another and another? Ya know what this is bullshit not in what I say but that my dogs haven't been fed and they deserve it more than some of my thoughts/stance to others. I've had my x's and x-friends burn me just as much as anyone else. I get it now I'm just wasting my time for entertainment sake because what I've said isn't real, basically I'm a liar. As we should all profess before going further. So let me be the first I AM A LIAR. One thing for certain my dogs give me love and warn me of anything that moves because they are attentive(I taught them to realize their instincts)(they aren't liars in those matters). So since the internet is not real and for that matter even, what I've just typed isn't real, I'll close knowing that God's sunshine in the morning will shine on my ass once again. Peace. Oh by they way smartass please instill your common sense and logic upon me and answer those questions. And once again and more-so Peace within you and Peace all around us.

Blogger beeta said...

I read your post the other day and I chose not to post what came to my mind after reading it....ooohhh it wasn't bcz I didn't identify or that I felt no empathy...or your dilema is foreigne to me....on the contrary...I battle it everyday and sometimes many times a day..
The reason I didn't respond is bcz what you are talking about is shall we say "the million dallar question".
What is the purpose of life?
Does it make any difference what I, the speck of dust in the scheme of things, think , do or say?
Does anyone have an Iron-clad, un-refutible, scientifically proven, beyond any shadow of doubt solution?
And if not then, why should I adhere to anything?
Why should I believe anything or anyone, given that I, am surrounded with the modern version of lies, the all mighty, coorporation sanctioned, American passtime, producer of billions in Ad revenue, ...propoganda! or it's less hated cousin...."This is just an Advertisement".....
And if I were to hitch my wagon to anyone's version of truth, integrity, honesty, apple pie and all that jazz.....what standard of absolution would I need?
Many philosophers, enlightened, mystic, intelligent people throughout history have tried to provide answers to your dillema!
I, the little mortal, speck of dust, manipulated by the version of my society's road to happiness and fulfillment, decieved every other second of every day, used to grease the machinery of the all mighty "free market" and its twin "Demcracy"....can not lead you out of the "valley of shadow of doubt" brother!

The best I can say is.....what "chomsky" said. He was asked, in view of what enormous difficulties you face, what makes you keep going?.... he said....well the alternative is to do nothing and accept the status quo...and that ...I can not do.

Blogger beeta said...

In view of the discussion about the "60 Minutes" show.... I thought this might be appropriate.
This was in a comment section of a post....can't remember the post or the doesn't matter bcz it is a "" from Orwell.

Accoding to Orwell..."nationalism is the habit of identifying onself with a single nation or an idea, and placing it beyond good and evil and recognizing no other duty than that of advancing its interests. In other words nationalism doesn't have to be based on a country. This same fanaticism can be applied to any "ism": Communism, Neoconservetism, Fundementalism(of any religion), you name it. Whether it's based on a country or an "ism", nationalism always has that combination of blind zeal and indifference to reality.

Blogger beeta said...

And in case you bestow the rank of fellow traveller on me....I admit... I aspire to and fall short of......more times than ..
my journey is mine and yours is what you make it.

In the words of my favorite poet...
"Remember the journey and not the traveller"

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Primer for those who intend checking out the 60 mins. piece this evening - &

For all you Coultergeist fans -

Blogger shooter said...

Hello Zap....I tend to get a little loquatious when I write, so I'll double my effort to make this as brief as I can. I don't adhere to any organized religion, but while I studied the ten commandments in pre-school and beyond, I would have replaced one of the silly ones with " Thou shall not adopt a superior, judgemental attitude." You have something to say? C'mon spill your guts, we're all ears. The Doctor is having a good time with this blog and so are we. I made a joke about his weekend off? You didn't find it funny? Fine. Move on. I got news for you. I re-read your 2 contributions to this blog. Beeta, and some of my other friends, thankfully responded to you in a thoughtful, honest, sincere and welcoming way. I was born in Stalingrad and raised in the Bronx. I ain't so nice.

You want me to respond to some questions from your first post? Show me a question. Your frustrations and outbursts didn't exactly break new ground. Anyone who can speak without drooling down their chin knows what's happening to our country. We should smack our heads and scream, Eureaka! Zap has seen the Holy Grail! We should bow our heads in supplication and accept, submissively and gratefully, your rants and condemnations. Like I said before, thank God, my fellow bloggers are more understanding and friendly than I am.

I don't know where this Blog is going. I do know I've seen people of good will talk with others of good will, opposite as their views might be. And I've even seen some views being changed because of the atmosphere we've created here. So keep on posting here. You're more than welcome. But if you think I'm going to sift through your disjointed, rage filled tantrums, and be called sophomoric names to boot, you got the wrong number, Pal. So you'll excuse me if I keep on posting. Sometimes what I write will be accepted well, sometimes I'll be open to criticism. That's what happens when you lay yourself out there. So next time the urge to lash out at people who don't meet your standards overcomes you, do me a favor, don't threaten us with " I'll never post again."

p.s. At least we have one thing in common. My little doggie loves me too. I got a 9 yr.old Dobie who thinks she's a 9 month old pup.

Anonymous Rosethejet said...

I have a 9 year old Maltese who still thinks he's a puppy. Well as small as he is, he can pass for a puppy. But he loves me without any need for return although he couldn't get more spoiled if he tried.

Still I take him everywhere with me when I run errands here in town and he is so well known in the bank, the post office, the liquor store(lottery tickets I don't drink), the dry cleaners, the local Ace hardware and probably a quarter of the shops here in Solvang, that my brother who was staying with my mother while I was visiting my son in Las Vegas, took him to the ACE hardware store.

He said that within thirty seconds of entering he felt the staff watching him as though they had seen him on America's most wanted the night before. He said hi to the two girls behind the counter and the first one said (as he decribed it, FROSTILY) "We know who he is (pointing to Lilbit) but who are you?"

He said he spent the next few minutes convincing them that he was my brother and that Lilbit was being taken care of him while I was in Las Vegas and even after they stopped staring at him, he felt like they were watching him until he left and was pretty sure they took his license number down.

He decided not to take Lilbit anywhere after that for fear of a cop pulling him over.

SO when I got back a few days later, and he told me about it, I took Lilbit with me to the hardware store just to let them know my brother was okay.

So I have always felt that if anyone took him, they had better leave the county.

Well that's my Sunday nite post.

See ya all tomorrow.

Blogger beeta said...

Suzanne Nossel has yet another "brilliant" post on THP. First she includes herself in the progressive movement(what a laugh), then she tries to tell us what is wrong with Lieberman. According to her, he really is a good Democrat and has always been, but he needs to at least pay lip service to the fact that there has been some mistakes made regarding Iraq. Then she borrows Kennedy's line from Lieberman and concludes that all America is trying to do is spread librety around the world. And at last she smiles and folds her arms and is mighty pleased with herself having solved "ours" and Liebermans problem!
She is a prime example of what is wrong with America. People who are so indoctrinated in the system, so well trained to have internal filters, so sold on the idea of American exceptionalism (I swear, she said that in one of her posts, American exceptionalism),so totally unable to think outside the box that everything she says has major flaws in it and renders her solutions useless in fixing what ails our system.
It wouldn't bother me so much if she wasn't a fellow at some big wig think tank in charge of analyzing "Security and Peace". It wouldn't bother me if she was writting in some MSM rag instead of on THP for those who think like her and have the same internal filters. It wouldn't bother me if at least once in a while she commented on the resposes of the readers calling her clueless and shredding her conclusions into shreds and questioned her own view in light of ample evidence.
At this point I think Arianna is so busy globe trotting that she does not know what and who is writting and running her blog(if she ever cared in the first place).
I declare Suzanne, Arianna, Lieberman and Ms. Rice who said "no one could have predicted that they will fly airplanes into buildings" what is wrong with America. What is worse is that they aren't pretending, they really believe the garbage they spew. I wonder what it takes for these people to wake up and take the "stupid glasses" off.

Anonymous Gary said...


You may want to increase the dosage just a bit.


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