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Sylvester Stallone caught smuggling human growth hormone.

Anna Nicole Smith was not the only celebrity abusing human growth hormone:

"In case you have been living under a rock, Rocky (alias Sylvester Stallone), was detained at an airport in Sydney, Australia on Feb. 16 with 48 vials of Human Growth Hormone. Now, the boxing community must brace itself and wait for the repercussions."

Story here.

More here.

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Blogger Professor Howdy said...


Dear Friend,

After much thought, I have decided
to leave 'Thought & Humor'.

The reasons are many but they all boil
down to this: Nobody writes me anymore
so it must mean that they don't like me
or my college jokes, riddles, cartoons
or funny pictures:O(

I was hoping people would contact me
by posting a kind message in the
"comments" on my blog but few have.

Goodbye, Auf Wiedersehen, Au Revoir, Adiós

P.S. All of you liberals can now be happy
because I am giving up. You have finally
won after 10 years of publishing...

P.P.S. The sad song playing on my blog
really fits my mood! You know I think
that I might have possibly visited your
site awhile back. Do you remember
or am I wrong?

Blogger Dr. BK said...

Professor Howdy,

I am sorry to hear that you are not happy. You should not seek validation from others. If your blog is read by 10 people, they will form their own opinions. Can you control this? NO. So you are not your reputation, you need separate your ego from your web page. I like your page and I can feel you on it. I think you should keep it up.

Love and Peace to a cool PROF.



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