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Pfizer employees speak their mind.

Straight from Pfizer employees' comments on Cafe Pharma and the post, "Pfizer, another Enron?":

Re: Pfizer another Enron?

The Kindler issue is really very disturbing. Just this morning I read that the CEO for Verizon got a 9.7% increase in pay because revenue increased 27% and the stock rose 28%. This makes perfect sense to me. Kindler on the other hand gets a huge pay raise for "activity" with no real results. The last I checked, no one in sales ever got a big pay raise because they increased their activity level, but failed to produce any clear results. I remember years ago Lee Iacoca, then CEO at GM, took a salary of $1 because things were not going well in the company and he wanted to show leadership and that he would also be affected by the changes. Kindler has decided to pad his pockets and show that he is really not a leader. He knows that everyone in the company is concerned about the company's future and clearly must know what the average pay raise across the company, and yet he feels very comfortable picking up a 36% pay raise. My father used to always tell me to watch what people do because it is a much better indicator as to what people believe tahn what they say. Jeff has shown us VERY CLEARLY that he is the person that he is most concerned about. Anyone who has read the book "Good to Great" knows that Jeff is not a "level five leader" who is more concerned about the company and the company's legacy than his own. He is very glib and articulate and seems to have a ready answer for things. He is just too smooth for my comfort.

That's why Kindler is being re-named Swindler......You think this guy is getting paid for his hard work? He is getting paid for keeping things under closet...and fight all the illegal activities that are bound to come out over a period of time in the future....Hank and Karen also got paid because of this....they got lot of skeletons in the closet....dont worry all will come out slowly............Torcetrapib was a dud long time ago and it was known to the senior managemnt way back but they kept it under the carpet because they had hoped that over time the results would favor Torcetrapib arm but it didn't happen (it killed patients in the process) and they were forced to release the truth.....So Hank got canned but with hefty pay is believed that there are still several bad things lurking inside..(recently Zyvox deaths report).....that's why they hired an attorney Mr Kindler turned Swindler......Now you can figure out the rest.....

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Anonymous Anonymous said...


These executives are paid to hide the truth of the root cause of most chronic disease. That is what justifies to their Boards their astronomical salaries and percs. The rest is a game of drug discovery and failure. The targets they seek for drugs that don't work well are just part of a game, a game with lots of profits for some and with few good results for patients. I don't mean to imply that many drugs don't slow the progress of diseases and alleviate some suffering.

What the outrageously well paid executives are paid for is to prevent the scientific knowledge of the past 50 or so years from coming to light.


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