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Pfizer's Nigeria Disaster Just Got a Lot Worse. $7 Billion Worse.

New documents show that Pfizer, which already faces state criminal charges in northern Nigeria and civil charges to the tune of $2 billion, also faces a string of criminal counts and $7 billion in civil claims brought by federal Nigerian authorities in the capital of Abuja.

Pfizer used an experimental drug, Trovan, on children, against the protests of an internal whistleblower, Dr. Juan Walterspiel, who was promptly fired. He later sued the company, Pfizer settled and moved on. Or so Pfizer thought.

According to the Washington Post today, "Pfizer spokesman Bryant Haskins said, "We think all the allegations are inflammatory; we simply don't agree with them. We believe we conducted the clinical study in an ethical manner that helped save lives."

Of course Pfizer thinks the allegations are inflammatory. Dead children, billions in damages, a fired whistleblower with a ruined career. Last time I spoke to Dr. Walterspiel he virtually cried on the phone.

Very inflammatory. Poor Pfizer.

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Blogger Dr. BK said...

You reap what you sow. Way to go Peter!

Anonymous Anonymous said...

My sympathies lie with Pfizer on this one. Nigeria is behind every e-mail and internet scam there is out there. How come the trial happened 11 years ago and they've only just brought the cases??? Its their biggest grossing national industry- fraud and deception! Looks like they've concocted this story- trying to blame Trovan for the death of the children. Well- meningitis gets my vote for the deaths- the $9billions will go to corrupt Nigerian govt officials, while they let their people starve.


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