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Quote of the day: "The only way to meet our goal is to sell off-label."

From the AstraZeneca board, about Abraxane objectives, here.

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Anonymous bigpharmainsider said...

Here how it works in Bigpharmaland:
The goals/objectives (O/G) must be set in such a way that they must be at least slightly imposible to reach. Imposible with using only approved means (APM). Not imposible if they add the other part of the equation THE MISCONDUCT (MSC) (off label, falls calims, fraud, bribery etc).
Here is the mathematical proof for this:
1. Ethical/legal approach to big pharma biz, the way it should be.
1 APM + 0 MSC = 1 O/G
2. Unethical aproach to big pharma biz, the way IT IS*
1 APM + 1 MSC = 2 O/G
Although this ain't rocket science this formula has been adopted by big pharma many moons ago and proves it in its simple way that this is practiced by most companies and it works big time for them. They reach those (im)possible goals every time. When caught and fined, the amounts are deducted as routine business expenses. And the insenity continues in the Bigpharmaland.

* No big pharma co is entirely unethical but they combine both ways of doing business for the simple reason. Two MO's, the APM and organised MSC are better then one.
We chalenge any and we mean ANY and EVERY big pharma co. to disprove this formula and this approach. That also includes those that have never been caught with their pill making pants down.


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